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Lead us not into temptation ..what is your worst?

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Actual conversation transcript following me eating an entire 9x13 pan of shortbread cookies that was given as a birthday gift to my spouse:

Spouse: "Where is my sister's gift?"

Me: "What gift?"

Spouse: "It was right there on the counter. <Knowing Pause> Did you eat the biscuits?"

Me: "Biscuits?...What biscuits?"

Spouse: "The biscuits that were on the counter."

Me: "I don't remember any biscuits."

Spouse: <Frustrated Pause> "Did you eat my cookies?!" :angry:

Me: <Sheepish and scared glance> "Uh....yeah."

The rest of this conversation was deleted to maintain the family-appropriate forum.

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I hide chocolates, because Mr KA is a chocolate-eating fiend.

Mr. Duck is too!! He once ate a chocolate bear that he GAVE ME for Valentine’s Day. One day it was in the pantry, the next day I reach for the bear, and it was GONE!!
But the Cheetos: oh my heavens. They give off black oily smoke, and they REEK! (We do these in the hoods, both to contain the stink and to make sure we don't set off the smoke alarms and evacuate the building.) But worse, as the Cheetos burn, they oooooooze a nasty orange oil, which then drips down the side of the playdough and the beaker holding the playdough. And this oil is not easy to wash off!

I used to have a problem with Cheetos. After this week, I'm never eating one again! :blink:

Spoilsport. :raz: Cheetos for me too. Or anything else that’s crispy, salty, and fried. I have to hide them because Mr. Duck doesn’t approve.

Karen C.

"Oh, suddenly life’s fun, suddenly there’s a reason to get up in the morning – it’s called bacon!" - Sookie St. James

Travelogue: Ten days in Tuscany

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Yorkshire pudding. Seriously, I cannot control myself. At least 4 at a meal, often 6. Others who even dream of taking a second get the evil eye. Dipped in the blood off the roast plate is heaven, however I have been know to make a pan just for me, no roast in sight!

Barbara Laidlaw aka "Jake"

Good friends help you move, real friends help you move bodies.

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Confession is good for the soul, right? Here goes:

Breyers Neapolitan ice cream

Haagen Dazs Swiss Vanilla Almond ice cream

Lemon meringue pie (better yet: the last of the filling in the pan it was cooked in)

Raw pie crust

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel pastries, cherry

Lemon curd - I can make myself sick on it, and still be craving more


My dirty little temptation story: Several years ago, some friends and I volunteered to make a dinner for the city's overflow shelter for the homeless. We put together a great chicken and noodle dinner that was a hit. But we didn't tell them about the molasses cookies. One of our friends had to be out of town that weekend, so he baked several dozen molasses cookies as his contribution. (I would say there were at least 12 dozen cookies in the box.) They were the best damn cookies I'd ever tasted. None of us could keep our hands off them, and just before the meal, a couple of the guys went out and bought oreos to give to the people in the shelter, because we had devoured every last cookie. We were at least honest enough to 'fess up to our friend when he came back, but I can't say that we were completely forgiven. We do understand we'll have to answer for this someday, and we know we have no defense. I don't know which will haunt me more until my dying days: the memory of those wonderful cookies, or the guilt over consuming something that was specifically intended for people much less fortunate than myself.

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Honey Bunches o' Oats. The cereal. The delicious, wonderful, crack-like sublime packaged cereal. I'm allowed one box every six months. That one serving has about eleventy kabillion grams of sugar is no matter, the box won't last more than two days.

And Rice Krispy treats. Oh heavens. I could eat those after every single meal. But don't tell anyone. :hmmm:

-Sounds awfully rich!

-It is! That's why I serve it with ice cream to cut the sweetness!

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Has anyone mentioned fried pork rinds or chicharonies? I try to avoid them as once I start I can't stop.

Pork rind resource on the web.

Edited by andiesenji (log)

"There are, it has been said, two types of people in the world. There are those who say: this glass is half full. And then there are those who say: this glass is half empty. The world belongs, however, to those who can look at the glass and say: What's up with this glass? Excuse me? Excuse me? This is my glass? I don't think so. My glass was full! And it was a bigger glass!" Terry Pratchett


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Even the icky canned black ones - I can down an entire can in one sitting..

:laugh: and I thought that it was only me who indulged in this vice!!

Have I got a black olive-cream cheese-garlic-butter spread for you, olive lover!! I can eat it with or without crackers .. it is that good! :wink:

I believe I must have that recipe.

Any kind of olive is not safe in my house. It goes in streaks though. I can go for several months without having any. But once the craving hits, an entire jar will be gone in one sitting.

Same thing goes for those crunchy orange colored things that everyone else here is addicted to. I dare not say the name as it may bring about an unecessary side trip on the way home from work.

Taco Doritos are the must have snack of choice when playing Monopoly with the kids for some odd reason. I don't hide them and I even share, but I get the majority of them.

Guacamole will be eaten by itself (no dippers) in no time flat. I don't need to hide that as I'm the only one who likes it......yea for me.

Edited to add that I second Susan's comment about.................BACON.

Edited by turckie (log)
Someday the power of human stupidity will be harnessed and the energy crisis will be over.
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Wheat Thins crackers.

Barely a day goes by without me having consumed some. (love salt!)

The last few months, I really got into buying 'Cheerios' cereal bars. I'm not as enamoured right now - I think I finally made myself sick of them.

Popcorn is almost always a 'go'.

Luckily (?) for me, I'll go through a phase of being particularly into a food, then I'll get bored of/inured to it, and move on. So it's rarely a permanent state of addiction, thank goodness. :wacko:

One summer I blew my tofu fetish into the stratosphere.

Last summer it was edamame beans.

And believe me, they aren't always so healthy. lol.

I've yet to become sick of Wheat Thins though......

the tall drink of water...
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My staple old standby is popcorn. Microwave, extra butter, with butter, and sometimes, maybe 1 in 5, some Old Bay seasoning. I eat it late at night, at the computer, after everyone is asleep, with a huge vat of iced tea. Has to have iced tea, and I'll drink half a gallon. If I'm forced to share, or if someone wakes up, and tries to nail my popcorn, I get fidgety, and go make a second, fresh batch, giving them the one I had, just so I don't have to share. That's the one thing, that I sorta sneak.

Wasabi peas are another one, I can shamelessly eat a whole canister, when the mood hits.

I can eat an entire pound of salami, spread with cream cheese, and rolled up. 1 pound of salami, 8 ounces of cream chese, and me with a butter knife. It's not pretty.

Saltines, again, with that mood. I can go through 2 sleeves of saltines, plain, washed down with milk, before I get sick enough to stop.

We don't buy kettle chips, Doritos, or Cheetos, because they're not storable. Theyr'e just not the same after they've been around a day or two, no matter how you wrap them (at least this is what I tell myself to justify eating an entire bag over 3 hours). Salt and Vinegar chips, especially. If they come home, they can sit around unopened for days, till it becomes unbearable...then as soon as they hit the air, whoom, they're gone. It almost defies physics.

Oh, and while we're confessing...here we go...ok, sometimes, like maybe twice a year, I get this unbearable craving for Taco Bell. I *hate* Taco Bell, most times, the commercials sorta gross me out, the idea of eating there is nasty...but very occasionally, I get this taste for one of their bean burritos. I'll go earlyish in the day, get like...three and maybe a basic taco, and a huge Mountain Dew (which I pretty much only drink with Taco Bell). I eat this guilty picnic in my car, and throw away the evidence, before I get home. Then, I'm overfull, and slightly ill for the rest of the day. I've mentioned this craving to my husband, years ago, long after we stopped eating fast food, in general, and he gives me the 'ew' look. Like, "ew, of all places, there?" So, now I just hide about it, rather than deal with the derision.

It's totally a mood thing, because I can ignore any of these things, at any time. But like people have mentioned, when it hits me, I think about it, plan for it, obsess over it...

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Man, how could I forget guacamole? And spinach dip? The kind you make with soup mix, mayo, and sour cream, and frozen spinach.

At a Mexican restaurant, if they don't take away the chip basket, I will eat nothing but chips and salsa until that enchilada combo plate goes home with me in a box because I am too full to eat more than two bites. :unsure:

"I just hate health food"--Julia Child

Jennifer Garner

buttercream pastries

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originally posted by lexy:


which reminds me, thank god Jaffa cakes arent easily found in this country. I ate three sleeves in three hours last time I had ready access to them. I didnt hide them, but it was hard to share!

And y'all reminded me of a few more:

lipton onion dip - dont hide it, but cant stop eating it.

pretty much any kind of potato chip

Boston Market chicken skin, from bird purchased at end of day. This one I sneak because everyone wants the skin and I take way more than my fair share

popcorn - I have the same sharing issue as Lilija

But, the hands down A#1 trouble food remains those Kettle Chips in Black Pepper, and we get em at Trader Joe's too, Andi (also at Price Club). I have to struggle not to growl at my husband if he takes a handful, and he's the one who buys them! :shame:

"You dont know everything in the world! You just know how to read!" -an ah-hah! moment for 6-yr old Miss O.

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which reminds me, thank god Jaffa cakes arent easily found in this country. I ate three sleeves in three hours last time I had ready access to them. I didnt hide them, but it was hard to share!


Been there … came home from an early-morning rowing outing last fall and climbed back into bed with a big mug of tea and what was going to be a few bicuits - ended up eating an entire tube :shock::biggrin:

Cutting the lemon/the knife/leaves a little cathedral:/alcoves unguessed by the eye/that open acidulous glass/to the light; topazes/riding the droplets,/altars,/aromatic facades. - Ode to a Lemon, Pablo Neruda

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Red Hot Cheese Curls. I can eat the whole bag in one sitting. I always hide the bag in the trash after I polish it off 'cause I don't want to hear, " You ate the WHOLE bag ?" :sad:

Today is going to be one of those days.....

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Oh my--- stuff I can't have around the house 'just in case' cause then I have to get rid of it as soon as possible cause I can't have the temptation around. Make sense of that one, if you will! Mine include pints of ice cream, especially H-D and B&J's. I start out innocently enough-- just going to eat a bit of it, of course. Then I have to even out the top, then it starts getting soft around the sides and that tastes so good of course. Next thing I know I've gone through the whole pint with noooo problem.

Another 'can't have around the house' is Grandma Utz's lard fried potato chips. Yum! Love those crunchy chips! If I have to have them I'll just get 1-2 of the 25 cent snack bags.

Seeing mzducky's entry about rottisserie chicken reminded me of the Fred's Chicken that was here in Philadelphia. Rottisserie chicken was about the only thing he sold and boy was that good! I think they were about 2 to 2 1/2 lb birds. If I didn't put half the thing away to start with, I'd have no problem eating the whole thing in one sitting...... oh my...... now do I really want to admit all this in public? :rolleyes:

"Fat is money." (Per a cracklings maker shown on Dirty Jobs.)
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What is your one greatest temptation? .. a temptation which you hide when buying or nibble guiltily in secret? :huh:

With me, it's anchovies. My family hates them; I love them. I eat them plain, on crackers, or drop one in a pot of homemade tomato sauce or soup. I eat them on crusty rolls with a smear of mustard and some thinly sliced onion.

I love going to restaurants and finding a white anchovy or two laid atop a caesar salad. It always prompts me to ask for extra.

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Very little is safe from my insatiable oral cavity...

But bread and butter (sometimes jam or honey, and variations of the same, including toast and butter, buttered saltines, and buttered tortillas) has got to be the very worst.

I've always loved bread, but grew up with the abomination of Country Crock rather than real butter. Consequently, now that I'm old enough to buy the good stuff for myself, I can't get enough of it.

I enjoy baking my own bread, but am wary of doing so. I almost always finish off the first loaf over the course of an evening, along with however much butter I can eat before the guilt fairy shows up. Same with a package of crackers (saltine, Ritz, Wasa, whatever) or good flour tortillas.

Now I've discovered fleur de sel, so I don't think this vice is going away anytime soon.

Nikki Hershberger

An oyster met an oyster

And they were oysters two.

Two oysters met two oysters

And they were oysters too.

Four oysters met a pint of milk

And they were oyster stew.

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Steak tartare (trying to impress all foodies) but, really just raw ground beef, raw onions, s&p. (I know, I know, how gross is that? ~ 'cept we have a black angus farm)

and your address might be, Andi??? :rolleyes: I love raw beef in any way shape and/or form!! Not gross at all!

You have read Steak Tartare World Cup, Who makes the best raw beef?? :biggrin:

Melissa Goodman aka "Gifted Gourmet"

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