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And Give Us This Day Our Daily....


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Chocolate.  And cheese.

(Please, someone else make the Ween reference.)

I got the reference, good album :D

For me, it's a piece of bread, in some form. Tea, or coffee to a lesser degree, iced or hot, every day. Rice is a big one, too. Soup. Not every day, but damn near. Summer, winter, whatever. Canned soup, soup from the deli, quick 2 minute miso soup, heavy home made dinner soups. All cultures, any kind. I could happily (and have) live on soup. Soup, with rice in it, and a side of bread? Perfect. Washed down with some iced tea, and I feel like my day is complete. Even if I eat it for breakfast (and I often do, soup for breakfast is perfect).

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Coffee water salad bread and some kind of adult beverage before and/or during dinner.

My salad jones is so bad I ate it every morning for breakfast when I was in Japan a few weeks ago - the hotel b'fast buffet had bowls of nice greens, grape tomatoes with real flavor and fine cukes. None of the noodle or other joints I frequented for most other meals had any kind of salad available, so I had to get my fix in the morning. Got some pretty strange looks.....

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Iced oolong tea, with lots and lots of ice! No sweetener.

V8 with hot sauce.

Hummus with nearly equal parts chickpeas and garlic and lots of lemon juice--not everyday, but I would if I could.

Kirby cucumbers, skin on, and REAL tomatoes.

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"She would of been a good woman," The Misfit said, "if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life."

--Flannery O'Connor, "A Good Man is Hard to Find"

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I drink a cup or two of coffee most days, but don't suffer without it, and drink a lot of tea in between, both black and herbal. In contrast, I go nuts without vegetables. Since they're so good for me, this is an addiction I encourage. But the one thing I should do without, and seem to be hopelessly addicted to, is nut butter, every day, either peanut or cashew. I wish I knew how to get over that one!

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Since a friend from the U.S. visited a couple pf months ago, bearing (as instructed) several jars of Arrowhead Mills peanut butter and four bottles of Sriracha, I have been eating both in various forms every day.

The usual suspects:

-Shots of Arabic coffee all morning at work (the alternative being Nescafe- blech)

-Zaatar tea around midday.

-An espresso after work.

-Extra dry vermouth to quench my thirst while I'm cooking.

-Mint tea and Turkish coffee in the evenings.

I also drizzle unfiltered Jordanian olive oil quite liberally on my dinner, whatever it many be. I have a whole case of the stuff.

I could probably give up all of them very easily but I'm not sure I'd be a better person for it and certainly not a nicer one.

I used to be addicted to PG Tips with 2% milk but now that I spend so little time at home it's become a difficult habit to maintain.

Mostly I am addicted to reading about food. Cookbooks, magazines, eG and the neverending quest for recipes, trivia, whatever. I have a hard time staying away from it for more than a few hours at a time.

Verjuice, I know you're in Dubai - could you please elaborate on the Zaatar tea? I've never had it in Dubai. And as for the addiction to reading about food, I'm the same - I have to get my daily fix every day. When I'm not cooking it, I'm most likely to be doing one of the following in my spare time:

-planning the menu/the grocery list

-reading cookbooks/food mags

-reading eG/foodblogs

-organising my recipes/cookbooks

-writing my food diary

-watching food shows on TV

-eating of course

Rachel, I drink water everyday too - although not as much as I should. I also wish I could say I ate yogurt everyday, but I can't. But I do try - currently my average is about once a week.

Edited for typo.

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Fresh bell peppers, red, yellow, and orange.  Every day.  During the week, three at breakfast, three at lunch.  (I eat at my desk.)  Other elements of the meals vary, but not the peppers.  (Thank goodness for Costco!)

This is the first week I can remember when there haven't been any red or yellow bell peppers in the house for four days straight. When there's a sale, I've been known to bag six, seven or eight, but that would get you through a day! Wow. Do you know how this got started?

* * *

Remember Harriet the Spy's tomato sandwiches?

"Viciousness in the kitchen.

The potatoes hiss." --Sylvia Plath

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Clearly I have a tea problem. :raz:

A tea problem? Tea can never constitute a problem. For me:

A cup of tea on first waking.

Another cup of tea with breakfast - which is always (bar about twice a month, maybe) home-made muesli - though the fresh fruit component varies according to season/what's in the fruit bowl.

Sometimes another cup of tea immeditely after lunch.

Always another cup of tea around 4pm.

And water - all that tea drinking makes a girl thirsty y'know ... :wink:

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

Virginia Woolf

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Remember Harriet the Spy's tomato sandwiches?

Tomato and salad-cream sandwiches, right? She would eat nothing else for lunch, and cookies and milk when she came home from school. It must be over 20 years ago, but I read that book half a dozen times or so when I was a kid. I think I was slightly more adventurous in my choice of food though ...

I did spy on the neighbours though - from the top of an apple tree in the garden, the best time of year being apple season, cos then I could stave off hunger by scoffing all the apples within reach.

Actually, that's another one, I eat apples every day, at least during autumn and winter.

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One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

Virginia Woolf

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Do you know how this got started? 

I'm pretty sure it started during my brief flirtation with the South Beach Diet. I think peppers were essentially "free"--I love the flavor, they're very filling, and they don't count much in terms of calories or the dreaded carbohydrates!

(I know that South Beach is where the thought of having a daily breakfast vegetable came from!)

Life is short. Eat the roasted cauliflower first.

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Hot liquid in the morning (usually coffee but can be tea or even lemon water).

Porridge. Oats or cornmeal.

Salad, in inhuman quantities for lunch every day. I go through two 1lb tubs of the organic spring mix from Costco every week.

Oh, and my Viactiv fake chocolate calcium chew, or generic-brand knockoff thereof.



"You can't taste the beauty and energy of the Earth in a Twinkie." - Astrid Alauda


Food Lovers' Guide to Santa Fe, Albuquerque & Taos: OMG I wrote a book. Woo!

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HARRIET THE SPY...reason for my ongoing obsession with dumbwaiters...as a Realtor, whenever I tour an 80 year plus house I look for the hollow opening...I've gotten all excited, only to discoer its a laundry shoot!

to keep it food related, I recall her crream cheese and tomato sandwiches, also

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