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Unusual & mysterious kitchen gadgets


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13 hours ago, Marmish said:

Can anyone tell me more about this?  I'm sure it's not super unusual, but I can't find any details anywhere other than one eBay listing and I need to share a resource with 5th grade students as I have bought one and am using it for a primary source lesson.


Vintage Stainless Steel Cragston Cake Slicer Server




Angel food cake cutters have wires, so maybe this is a riff on that type of cake server?

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16 minutes ago, blue_dolphin said:

The comb side is used after eating to remove any stray cake crumbs from your mustache and beard. 


I want one!



Richard summer.JPG

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@lemniscate :


''' cut down on excess crumbs while cutting the cake? ''


just the slot cake parts ? 


where to they go ? 


The slots affect the icing ?


excellent thoughts


belive me 




Soon Enough ! 


maybe these slots 


do something very interesting ?


and I missed it ?


[ed.:  Modernist Cuisine also missed this ? ]

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Just now, Tropicalsenior said:

The idea is that they go down into the cake and break it apart without compressing the crumbs. Supposed to look very elegant.

My understanding as well - no squished angel food

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excellent ideas !


then :


if the cake is thicker , than 1/2 the width 


of the Cutrer ?


what happens to the  crumbs above the 1/2 ??


maybe that's why this didn't Sell


and I don't have one ?


[ed':  even an older one , of its Prime Time ?  .. From my mother or grandmother ? ]


re : Angel Food :  


my mother bakes AF eom time to time while growing up.


I was fascinated that it had sit upside sone , to cool 


do not know how it was cut .


it was very good w fresh local strawberries 


and home made whipped cream 

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6 minutes ago, rotuts said:

what happens to the  crumbs above the 1/2 ??

That's why I said it would probably only work with my angel food cakes because that's about how they turned out. I don't even try to make them anymore.

They would probably work just fine for the one layer sponge cakes or cakes of that type. However, now that I think about it as you're pushing it down it would break the top surface of the cake and you could push it right on down to the bottom. Maybe?

I did notice when I went to eBay that it's only worth about $4 so what would you have to lose.

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2 hours ago, blue_dolphin said:

The comb side is used after eating to remove any stray cake crumbs from your mustache and beard. 

After staring at the photograph of this utensil for some time and attempting to research cake serving accessories, I have concluded that your explanation is the only logical one. 

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I think you misunderstood the joking tone of my post. I know it’s a cake server. I don’t know why it is two sided like it is and no one seems to know for sure or have seen a similar one. angel food cake is the best guess but no search for angel food cake servers turns up a similar one. I can’t find any info about the company except as a toy importer. I need something I can share with 10 year olds to give a little more info for their research.  I’m a librarian and no slouch at research. If I, and all of you experts don’t know definitively, no 10 year old is likely to figure it out. That’s all. 

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8 minutes ago, Marmish said:

don’t know definitively,

Sometimes it's hard to know definitely what somebody's idea of new and improved is. My suspicion is that this might go back to Victorian times when they thought that they needed a silver utensil for every single item on the table. As the point of interest for your 10-year-olds, you might want to do a little research into the extensive Victorian table services. You might not find this particular item but there are a lot of strange things out there.

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