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Cooking with Chef John Folse


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Hey Richard, welcome over the border to Louisiana.  And your right, I think the only way to get the book is to order directly from Chef Folse.  There is also a cd of the book you can get.  RIchard, have you made anything from the book yet?  if so, what did you make and were you happy with how it turned out?

I don't have the book yet. When it arrives, I'll spend some time with it and pick out something to do. I think you can order it on Amazon, but I preferred to buy it from Chef Folse. The CD appears to be a real plus, and I'll probably order it after getting familiar with the book.

My kids gave me Folse's book for Fathers Day...I haven't put it down yet...It is full of history and recipes. With the size of it I will have reading material for a while...

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I want someone to pull a recipe out and challange us all! I have tomatoes, I have eggplant, I have cucumbers, I'll buy anything else. The shrimp man came by today in his truck and I have lovely, beautiful gulf shrimp.

I'm thinking stuffed eggplant.

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Stuffed eggplant, sounds good to me. Although we are only just now starting to get tomatos off the vine. And we are coming in 2 weeks ahead of the traditional start to the tomato harvest (traditionally, 4th of July in these parts). I will hit the Cherry Street Farmers Market on Saturday and see whats being picked this week.

It is good to be a BBQ Judge.  And now it is even gooder to be a Steak Cookoff Association Judge.  Life just got even better.  Woo Hoo!!!

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I'm game to try a recipe. Should we give stuffed eggplant a whirl?

I'll do the eggplant, Todd. Perhaps we could have a taste off on Monday night at Chez Pableaux on Monday night?

Brooks Hamaker, aka "Mayhaw Man"

There's a train everyday, leaving either way...

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I'm game to try a recipe. Should we give stuffed eggplant a whirl?

I'll do the eggplant, Todd. Perhaps we could have a taste off on Monday night at Chez Pableaux on Monday night?

so, it's on for monday?? I have a new camera, it'll take me that long to install software, etc.


You should see the tomatoes my friends are bringing me. Lunch is summertime complete!

I'm using shrimp.

crabmeat is still too expensive.

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I know how I would do it, but reading the recipe can you tell where he actually cooks the shrimp? It just says to add them, but in the pic they are already cooked. I'll just saute them either separately, or w/ the trinity. Or add them after the meat is cooked and let them simmer till done. It's a common sense thing, but there are people who don't know anything about shrimp who might get screwed up.

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I made the Lucious Lemon Soup last night for dinner. Next time I think I would serve it as a lunch dish that was served outside and I would serve it in a frozen glass. It was more like a beverage than a soup, being sweet and all.

It is good to be a BBQ Judge.  And now it is even gooder to be a Steak Cookoff Association Judge.  Life just got even better.  Woo Hoo!!!

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anyone wish to try another dish out of the encyclopedia?

It's definitely gumbo weather up here in tennessee and I know for a fact that I'll be doing a chicken and andouille gumbo this weekend, but I prefer to use my own methods for that one.

Anything you guys/gals want to try out? I've got the camera ready to roll if there's concensus, otherwise I'll just go it alone!

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Success in this endeavor?  I'd love to go a round of jambalaya with whomever's interested.  or gumbo, but that would be more of a roux burns and skin graft comparison with me............ :blink:

I guess we never really got around to doing it, with Thanksgiving and all.

I've done a lot of jambalaya recently so I may not be able to swing that. The wife did request that I do a seafood gumbo sometime this weekend so I'd be up to doing some comparisons there, if you're up to it....burns and all.

If you'd like to wait till after Christmas (I'll be out of town for a little while) I will be up for trying something really different.

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Allow me to introduce you to Dago's shrimp and crabmeat gumbo. It obviously contains a roux, and okra...and because I like it that way I added a little smoked sausage to it as well. To all the gumbo snobs out there....I DON'T CARE!! It was a gude.

Starting the long road to rouxness:


beginning to turn:


getting there:


adding the veggies:


Here's my homemade shrimp stock...simmering and ready to belly bust right into the gumbo pot:


Okra getting in the mix:


Gumbo base simmering:


Seafood added:


another shot:


The first of 2 bowls of gumbo:



Truth be told, I would've preferred the gumbo to be a bit darker, but the resulting roux seemed dark enough for my liking. Perhaps the stock lightened it up some.

The important bit is that it tasted A-OK to this guy, and my hillbilly wife was impressed. Speaking of the wife....the fact that this new orleans native dago was able to find a beautiful mountain girl up here in TN who likes Louisiana cooking, that was an impressive feat. We don't go hungry too often at the house.

Anyway....something new next time.

Till then.....good eatin to ya!

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