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Recent tastes of CA Pinot Noirs


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We had a few friends over lst night and decided to see if we could answer Rebel Rose's question, "Do you feel that women agree with these tastes?" when talking about CA Pinot Noir. While these are not necessarily representative of the CA PN landscape, they are of my cellar, so they are what we opened. I tried to let all of them decant for an hour or more in order to get a true picture of their flavors and aroma once they had a chance to open up.

2004 Dain American Beauty, Amber Ridge Vineyard - David Dain's inagurial vintage and a great start. Floral nose of cherrys, cola and nutmeg that was very pleasant. Supple, elegant wine, not as "big" as other PNs but still very fruit forward. Lots of black cherry, vanilla and earth flavors, well structured, good acidity, and supple tannins. Medium finish to long finish. Everythig on could want in a Pinot Noir. Excellent first effort and I'm really looking forward to the future for these wines.

2003 A.P. Vin Gary's Vineyard Dark ruby in color. Initially showing a nose of cherrys, cola and allspice, as the evening progressed it gained cinnimon and licorice notes. On the palate rich flavors of cherrys and blackberrys with a wonderful earthiness, mild tannins that softened with each passing hour. Balanced with long structured finish. Excellent wine.

2004 Loring Wine Company Pinot Noir Rosella's Vineyard Nose of predominate cherrys, allspice/cloves with a nice earthy funk that blew off early. After decanting the fruit had begun to mute from its initial predominance and it smoothed out to a well balanced, supple PN. Still bigger than the Dain. Smooth fouth feel, short to medium finish. Nice easy to drink PN.

2002 Martinelli Bondi Home Ranch Water Trough Vineyard Pinot Noir Medium-dark purple with a floral nose that clobbered you with cherries. Expansive with intense flavors of cherries and very ripe berries with a little smoke in the background. Almost a Syrah like PN, extracted, full bodied, and rich, but easily the favorite wine of the evening.

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