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Organic wines


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I had been tasting quite a bit of organic wines lately starting from traditional wines like Chateauneuf-du-Pape Chateau de Beaucatel and ending with new world Chilean, Californian and others.

Can't really say my country [israel] is one bit interested in this field, though there are a couple of wineries growing organic grapes, so the range is somehow limmited.

Following is a wine I raelly enjoyed:

Cabernet Syrah Emiliana Reserve, Maipo, Chile 2003

It is quite natural for Chile to produce organic wines realizing the unique and extensive vineyards conditions and I only hope we will see the strengthening of this trend.

Dark intense red color showing good depth.

Dry earthy aromas mix with a gentle fruity yet consistent nose finishing with a rough edge herb and spicy bouquet mingled with some sulfites.

The Syrah surfaces after several minutes providing a round fruity texture in the mouth backed up by a good acidity.

The aftertaste is a bit Harsh with a distinctive hot alcoholic feel.

This wine reminds me perhaps of the very first time I tasted wine [ I can't possibly know when that was ] when my brains were starting to understand that my juice was fortified.

Quite interesting and in need of getting familiar with.

Andre Suidan

I was taught to finish what I order.

Life taught me to order what I enjoy.

The art of living taught me to take my time and enjoy.

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