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eGullet Society 2006 Annual Board Meeting

Dave the Cook

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The board of directors of the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters held its annual meeting and elections yesterday. The directors, officers and advisors of the eGullet Society are now:

Steven Shaw, Director and Executive Director

David Scantland, Director and Director of Operations

Jason Perlow, Director and Chief Technology Officer

Marlene Newell, Director and Chief Administrative Officer

Jonathan Day, Director and Chief Strategy Officer

Paula Wolfert, Director

Stanley Santos, Treasurer

Dean McCord, Secretary and General Counsel

Steve Klc, Advisor and Head Evangelist

Two directors were up for re-election this year: David Scantland and Steve Klc. David Scantland was re-elected unanimously. Steve Klc did not stand for re-election, and instead took up the new position of Head Evangelist and became the first member of the new advisory board. Marlene Newell was elected to replace Steve Klc on the board of directors. The other four directors (Steven Shaw, Jonathan Day, Jason Perlow and Paula Wolfert) remained in their positions.

All three current officers were up for re-election. Stanley Santos was re-elected as Treasurer. Dean McCord was re-elected as Secretary and General Counsel. Steven Shaw was re-elected as Executive Director. The board of directors also voted to make Executive Director a paid position. The Executive Director will be receiving the minimum wage plus a modest benefits package.

The board of directors also elected several new officers: David Scantland (Vice President, Director of Operations), Marlene Newell (Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer), Jason Perlow (Vice President, Chief Technology Officer) and Jonathan Day (Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer).

All eGullet Society director positions are unpaid, volunteer positions. All eGullet Society officer positions save for Executive Director are unpaid, volunteer positions.

The board also voted to authorize the hiring of an office assistant.

Dave Scantland
Executive director
eG Ethics signatory

Eat more chicken skin.

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