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Montreal in Gourmet


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I can't remember if the article mentioned the abundance of cute guys in Montreal, I wonder if there is a suburb where all the ugly people are banished to?

yes its called OTTAWA

Umm, there ARE cute boys here, just they are the exception, not the rule so they are used to more attention than the Montreal folk, who are accustomed to passing 40 or 50 cute guys on the same street! You Montrealers don't truly appreciate what you have there I'm sure! :raz:

Anyway, Ottawa is still better than TO because it's closer to.............Montreal!

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If only I'd worn looser pants....

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This Gourmet issue on Montreal is really nice publicity for the city. However, let's not overdo it. The content is really not that memorable (apart of course from the article from Lesley C.'s). Overall, it has poorly organised articles.

Of course, it makes me proud that they say nice things about a city that I like so much.

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Still Looking for copies?

Costco had stacks when I went on Friday. At a dollar off the normal cover price, too!

Gotta love Costco.

Non-Cosco members, do you need a hook-up? Should I pick up a pile?


Which Costco? The one on bridge? I rarely go there.... however...

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It was along the line of: while the issue said over and over again that Montréal was a french city , it did not translate in the articles: no french music venue , no french autors cited ( I think that if you make a special issue about , let say Singapore, you are not going to sent people to the only english music venue in the city !)

If people are still looking for the Montréal issue, I think a few more have been sent to Montréal because the convenience store at Centre de Commerce Mondial received a big pile today !

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