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The Sazerac Cocktail


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is tthere a reason why a sazerac is served in a rock glass ?

Why " can't " it be served in a coupe glass since it is served without ice ?

More surface area to coat with absinthe, end result is more aroma of absinthe than flavor impacting the final product.

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True rye and true bourbon wake delight like any great wine...dignify man as possessing a palate that responds to them and ennoble his soul as shimmering with the response.

DeVoto, The Hour

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Tonight, a Sazerac.


2 oz Rittenhouse 100

1/2 oz Pierre Ferrand 1840

1/4 oz Peychaud's bitters

1/4 oz Demerara syrup (2:1)

1 dash Angostura bitters

Absinthe rinse

Lemon peel, expressed and discarded


The drink of kings.

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”In Demerara some of the rum producers have a unique custom of placing chunks of raw meat in the casks to assist in aging, to absorb certain impurities, and to add a certain distinctive character.” -Peter Valaer, "Foreign and Domestic Rum," 1937

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This Sazerac was (also) inspired by my reading of A Proper Drinkir?t=egulletcom-20&l=am2&o=1&a=160774754. It's the drink that was a revelation to Simonson and started his interest in cocktails.


Sazerac with Rittenhouse rye, Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac, demerara syrup, Peychaud's and Angostura bitters, St George absinthe, using the Death & Co's ratios.


Sazerac with Rittenhouse rye, Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac, demerara syrup, Peychaud's and Angostura bitters, St George absinthe  #cocktail #cocktails #craftcocktails #sazerac #rye #whiskey #cognac #absinthe


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Hello all, still reading through the thread but thought I'd jump in anyhow.  At our place which we focus on traditional the Sazerac is brandy base as it was meant to be, however we do offer it with Whisky (Gibson's 12yr) or Bourbon.  My son has adopted this drink as his signature and has created a couple of devotees.  He has developed a wonderful technique of rolling a round ice ball in an old fashioned glass to distribute the absinthe (yes we get the good stuff in Canada) and consistently hits the perfect amount that no dumping is required.  This is the last thing he does before pouring the stirred brandy/rich simple syrup/bitters over the ball as well and garnish with a twist of lemon peel.  The ice ball looks sharp and gives a unique and distinctive look to the drink and allows the glass to be appropriately full with a 2oz pour (not quite as traditional but marketing has to factor sometimes and this is once where departure from the line of tradition works well)

Myself I far prefer the sazerac with brandy as intended than with either whisky or bourbon.  If in the mood for either of those I will go to the traditional Old Fashioned (my personal favourite and signature cocktail).



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