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the big birthday bash


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A friend of mine is having a big 4-0 birthday bash and still hasn't come up with a location yet. So here I am, putting the word out to see if any of the brilliant gulleters can come up with any suggestions!

Here are some of her needs, in her own words. :wink:

My goal is:

-- fits 70 people without being in each others armpits if ya know what i mean

-- ambience (i;m sure you know what i mean)

-- booze with a little tapas ...no sit down dinner. Some tables and couches

might help though...):

-- full bar at decent prices (i've learned to ask what their bar prices

are....) including tequila and kettle one vodka for martinis

-- ability to DJ myself

-- truly a private function (ie not cordoned off by a curtain or something

ridiculous like that)

-- and the big kicker NO ROOM RENTAL FEE. I am willing to

pay up to $500 if the space is pretty decent and feels right. For some places

FREE is difficult to do on a saturday night , ie Feb 18th

-- also my dream was somewhere downtown


Thanks, muchly.


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Balthazar fits most requirements, I think - they have two rooms though - would you consider 'owning' one room and let the other one be public? We've had staff events there that have been great fun . . .

Laura Fauman

Vancouver Magazine

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I had my birthday party at the Shebeen;, Sean just charged for the food (brilliant appies/tapas) and for the booze. You could also look at the Alibi Room, they have a private section downstairs (lounge atomsphere) with DJ equipment. The new chef is pretty talented.

Sugar and Sugar is a great spot but expensive to buy out. You could also try "Curious" that just opened around the corner from our loft. They have a private room downstairs that is very "Wallpaper" like in design.



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"who needs a wine list when you can get pissed on dessert" Gordon Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares 2005


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We were recently invited to a private, catered party at the University Womens Club. It's a bit run down - but a splendid property nevertheless. I understand they will rent space to private groups - and will also cater - or you can arrange the catering seperately. The cost is very reasonable - but you would do best to check this with them directly.

After a few drinks the slight tattiness of the place disappears, and you suddenly find yourself in one of this city's finest old mansions. Worth checking out.

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That's a tough request. I'd think you'd have to book the whole place and that costs. But I seem to remember an arrangement at Shebeen for my own 40th that involved no or minimal room fee but a minimum per person of eating and drinking. And at that age your friends will likely drink the minimum just as a warm up.

I also recall having a good party at the Alibi Room. That can hold a crowd pretty well.

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I'm intrigued by the suggestions because I'm in the same

situation with a milestone birthday (not mine) but am thinking Whistler.

I want to throw in a slight bonus: I want to rent a Porsche

to drive up the Sea to Sky for the big night. Anyone know if

there are luxury car dealers that rent Porsches for the weekend

without mortgaging the homestead?

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thanks to all that's thrown in suggestions, so far.

shebeen and curious sound great!

for some reason, she's nixed the alibi room. :rolleyes: i might have to talk her into that as it is a great space.....now, hopefully they've fixed all their plumbing problems!

as far as a minimum spent per person, it shouldn't be a problem as it's a big group of drink happy people!

looking forward to more.....



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