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An Afternoon in Downtown Toronto


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Such a beautiful weekend we just had this past saturday, so we (GF & Parents) decided to head down to the market, and see where it took us...

Typical traffic on Spadina


Found a parking spot right on spadina, very luck!! Heading in to Kensington Market...


(excuse the photography, still getting used to this new camera) :raz:

Stopped off first at my favourite Latin Shop...Love this sigh infront of the beans hehe..


A great selection of dried chilis outside...and inside, tons more!


The GF loves Mexican food, so we went to one of my favourite mexican joints in the city, and had the staple; Tacos Al Pastor...and some other goodies...


No trip to Kensington can be complete without a stop to the Global Cheese store, and to talk to my buddy there, Brian...


Got some really nice unpasturized Goat cheese from france, and a few other really nice spanish Manchego and a few other sheeps milk cheeses.

Then we headed down to Front St. To check out my Dads new Lounge/Bar (The Foundation Room)


Wasnt able to take too many shots as they were just cleaning up for service...but got a shot of the semi clean bar...


FEWF...that didnt take me as long as anticipated...hopfully everyone enjoyed...next time maybe ill post some of my 'artsy' shots :raz:



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The name eludes me...Its the place at the northern section of the market, they have a few tables outside during the summer...

You walk in and the open kitchen is right on your right hand side, space is limited...and the same short sweet little lady (owner?) is there to greet you...

They have some wicked tomatillo and chipotle salsa on the tables though!

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Yes, that's the one. They've also got some nice drinks they make there, like their horchata, and another whose name I forget. The dishes which include chorizo are also nice.

I'm assuming the shot you have of the different chilies on display is from one of the shops nearby, just down Augusta, same side?

I also recognised the extremely tall and pointed building in the very first picture. I think it is famous.

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Well, apparently we frequent the same places when in Kensington! I like La Perola for Latin ingredients as well, and I always buy my eggs from the egg lady down there. I have to be near there later today, I definitely need eggs, and probably an order of Tacos Al Pastor as well!

Thanks for posting a picture of your Dad's place, will have to stop in for a drink soon. Perhaps you could add some info about it on the board, with full disclosure of course! :)

Barbara Laidlaw aka "Jake"

Good friends help you move, real friends help you move bodies.

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Will post a thread on it once the Media opening has happened, they just opened a week or two ago...and without any marketing so far they have been doin really well...

Its a really funky space, lotsa couches with lots of pillows and places to sit, they serve tapas there as well as a wide variety of funky drinks.

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Glad to hear you enjoyed it, NonDoc. George, it seems you know more about Jamil than I, however I only met him once...How do you know 'em? Have you been yet?

edit - I remember now that he is married, as my dad told me about his INSANE bachelor party not too long ago...

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