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Anaheim / Disneyland Restaurant Recs


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RJWong is correct about Vietnamese restaurants.

Also not far from Anaheim is Artesia's Little India. This is just one link--Google "Little India Artesia" (without the quotes) and you'll come up with lots of commentary on area restaurants.

Next time you're in the area, I hope you'll have time to venture farther. There are just so many good places to experience in SoCal.

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Thanks for the recommendations: we ate at two places while in town (there on business, not a lot of time, unfortunately).

Charlie Palmer at Bloomingdale's (website, map)

At the time of our visit one of Charlie Parker's newest restaurants, this one is adjacent to a Bloomingdale's, hence the name. We had late reservations so the mall was closed, which was probably a good thing. Tons of very close free parking, no need at all for the valet. It was a Sunday evening, so it was fairly subdued: I imagine this space can get a bit loud when it is busier. The food was quite good, and our waiter was very helpful. It may not have been worth what I paid, but it was by no means a bad meal. In particular the evening's Amuse Bouche, an heirloom tomato gazpacho with cumin foam, was very good.

Anaheim White House (website, map)

The Anaheim White House is about five minutes from Disneyland, so the location couldn't have been more convenient. To all appearances it is a high-end Italian restaurant: unfortunately, the food was mediocre, and in fact quite dull. What did I expect this close to DL? Win some, lose some... with so many great restaurants an easy drive away (during the summer, anyway... traffic is pretty calm right now), there is no reason to give this place another glance. You can get this food at the Olive Garden (I'm not kidding).

Chris Hennes
Director of Operations

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