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Hot Technology and Techniques: Here to Stay?

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There are some topics in current dining trends that garner endless discussion on eG. A lot of these center around the efficacy of certain cooking methods and food trends currently, in the past, and in the future.

So, I'm curious what your thoughts are on the use of things like the PacoJet, sous vide cooking, and tasting menus.

Are these here to really stay? Will we see these in greasy spoons? Home kitchens? Applebees and the ilk?

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Wow, that is a big question. I thought you were heading towards the Spanish foams, Ferran Adria, Grant Achatz etc.

I am not a huge fan of all this techno stuff - food is food, no? But out of every new technology and trend some good new things have come. It shakes people up and makes them think.

I will always be a proponent of good old fashioned cooking (I don't even own a microwave) but I am glad somebody is out there pushing the envelope.

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