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I still remember one of the days that I stumbled across the food channel and I believe I saw a parody on Mission Impossible movie that Alton Brown had made about poaching...

Then off course there was Emeril's Bam...

I must agree that its what made me surf there again (I was home due to my 1 of 4 layoffs!!)

But then we stumbled across your show... For such a long time, we would come back again and again, started recording it. Following your recipes. (Tabouleh -parsely salad, chicken korma) Something that was very attaching...

You were like the lady next door. The aunty who would cook those amazing dishes. You know I was thrown out of the kitchen as a kid (my ma and granma didn't think I had enough years in life as they had in kitchen - THEY WERE RIGHT - that's another story). So it was a nice feeling to learn from you.

I am sorry this post is taking a sort of a happy rant proportion. But I don't know when I would get a chance to do this - just wanted to


on behalf of all of us who were lucky to have learnt from you regardless of the medium the teaching came from...

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