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Cooking Live : An Insider's Report

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Sara asked me to post the experience of getting to watch her show in person. This is a repost, slightly edited.


When I lived in NYC (a few years ago), I used to take the express bus daily with a woman who worked for Conde Nast with Sara. They knew each other because they had similar last names, so got each others mail a lot. This neighbor got me into the taping. They just sat me and two friends at a table in the back with a botle of wine. They didn't have an actual audience. We had to pull our legs in whenever the cameraman ran by with the equipment.

Afterwards, Sara came by and spoke to me for a while. She asked what my cooking infuences are, etc... She is a real sweetheart. We actually share a birthday (date, not year) but I forgot to mention it. That means hers is coming up in February. We also got to try the food that they had prepared. Yum.

It was a great experience, and I'm glad I was able to be there.

I had met Jacques Torres the same week at the chocolate show. In a French accent: "Men, eat my chocolate, the women will love you. Ladies, beware, I'm eating some now."

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