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Memories from Cooking Live Daytime & Primetime

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I remember a time when you were doing both Cooking Live and Cooking Live Primetime. It seemed to be such a hectic time for you (doing both shows, plus running home in between to have dinner with your family), but you were always so put together. How did you ever manage to do all that, plus work at Gourmet, and still say sane? Do you have any fond memories of that time, or being so busy, was it mostly a blur?

Any good funny moments or bloopers from the shows that you'd like to share? (I do remember a pan getting too hot, and the guest chef using one of the dish towels to wipe the oil out of the pan...it made me cringe!)

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That time was a blur. I managed because I had a supportive husband and so much help - a good sous chef, great babysitter, and wonderful housekeeper.

Also knowing that I was only going to do 2 shows for 8 to 10 months made it easier.

What was a little disappointing though was that I sort of fell out of love with chefs as a genre. (I used to love all chefs and all firemen, now that statement is limited to firemen). Many people were "discovered" on my shows and unfortunately that's the only value they saw about being on. When I was media trained it was drummed into me that if you were the guest on someone's show, "Be nice to the host!!!" People are watching the show because they like the host so you are not going to win if you are rude to him/her.

Many guest chefs came on my show and treated me like a cross between a happy little housewife and Vanna White. My friend Rick Moonen once asked me how come we gave him my bio every time he came on (which was probably more than anyone else) and I explained it was because I wanted to make sure my guests knew that I was a serious professional with a track record in the industry.

Sadly it didn't help. Don't get me wrong I met some wonderful people on both shows.

And disasters like burning or dropping a dish were pretty regular occurrences. It was the original reality tv.

Sara Moulton

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