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Please help with cannele recipe


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8 hours ago, MokaPot said:

Happy for you, @mjw. I've never had a cannele before. What's the texture like? Looks like a custard, almost.


I'm sure others are better with words than I am, but yes they're just barely firmer than a custard inside with a crispy, slightly sweet and fragrant shell. The combination is heavenly, as you can guess from 18 years of posts on this thread 😁

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On 8/14/2020 at 10:39 AM, ElsieD said:

@RandomCrap  and anyone else who wants to chime in - at what temperature do you bake your canneles?  I had been working on them but I have given up.  When I look at various recipes the timing and oven temperatures vary a lot.  If I can get an answer to this, I may give it another try.  I have the copper molds.  Also, please indicate if you are using convection mode or not.


 I have a baking steel in my oven, so it takes a lot of preheating. I put it on 525 or 550 for an hour. After the canneles are in for 10 minutes I lower to 375. I originally used 500/375, but found with my setup that the extra heat helped. (I have 1 thick copper mold and 6 of the nonstick aluminum ones. The copper one is slightly larger and takes a bit longer to bake. If I put all 7 in at once at 500, they did not have enough heat, so I increased the temperature. I use a simple quarter-sheet pan under the molds, to save the steel from drips.

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On 8/14/2020 at 9:22 PM, mjw said:

Success! This time I didn't prewarm the molds, just coated them at room temp (80ish today), let the wax mixture sit for about 20 sec before dumping it out. Then I chilled in the freezer for about 10 min to set the wax, but brought back to room temp before filling. 


Thanks again @RandomCrap for pointing me in the right direction!


Can't wait for my bedtime snack tonight.







Gorgeous! Looks like custard inside a crispy caramel - just what you want. 


I often skip the wax, simply because it's already such a process, and simply use clarified butter. Now I'm going to have to go make some more... these look so good. I've been slumming - making popovers - because they are way the heck up there in the taste/effort ratio. That is, dirt easy and really tasty.


That St. Honore recipe looks interesting. I've never seen a large one like that. I've read that typically in Europe they bake them darker than in the US; that big one is absolutely carbonized.

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