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Wine Bars in San Francisco

Rebel Rose

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SFGate covers recent openings of a rash of new wine bars in San Francisco:

Small Bites and Big Glasses

More than a half-dozen wine bars have opened around the Bay Area during the past year, and a handful more are scheduled to open in the next few months, ranging from Ottimista Enoteca-Cafe in San Francisco to 154 Wine Bar in Petaluma.

Anyone been? Favorites?


Mary Baker

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The only one I've been to is the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchants.

The staff seems knowledgeable and they have a nice selection of tasty wines.

I didn't try any of the food, as we were killing time before going to dinner downtown.

In the store they sometimes turn up unusual varieties of wines which I have hunted for elsewhere and not found.

Somewhat surprisingly given the venue is in the Ferry Building, the mark ups in the store and in the tasting room aren't out of line with what you would expect to pay elsewhere.

Because it is in the Ferry building and in the middle of a wine store, the atmophere leaves a bit to be desired. Certainly not an intimate romantic setting to savor wine with your loved one.


Erik Ellestad

If the ocean was whiskey and I was a duck...

Bernal Heights, SF, CA

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My personal favorite is Nectar. The staff, esp the bartenders, are really friendly and if you're interested, they'll go on and on and on about wine, let you try a bunch of different sips and they make downright fantastic recommendations. Plus, the wine descriptions on the menu are so well written I had to complement the owner the other night.

The food, also, is excellent (on the one occasion I had any). Small plates, natch, but very well executed. A bit on the pricy side as small plates go, though I don't think necessarily overpriced given the type of ingredients.

And you can hear your conversation -- a real bonus. It's got the most ambiance of all the wine bars I've been to, save Ottimista, which I think competes nicely in that department.

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