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Ham Stock?

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We made a huge batch of ham stock last night from a yummy Charles Henry Gray Smithfield country ham. Can I substitute it for chicken stock in soup recipes? I'm thinking lentil or bean soup would be really good...

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Sounds wonderful....I love using smoked ham shanks for soup, too.

Go to the regional forum for Italy and see the very brief thread on Italian soups where I refer to an inspirational cookbook that I checked out of the public library.

There are lots of Italian recipes that would be great with pork-based stock, especially this time of year with beans, as you mention, lots of vegetables (onions, carrots and celery sauteed with diced pancetta in olive oil, for example, then shredded Savoy cabbage, chard or kale) and grains, whether farro if you can get it, or barley.

Judy Rodgers also has a recipe for a stock which she makes with a pig's head at her restaurant (Zuni Cafe), though she recommends its use for deglazing pans when you make pork chops, etc.

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In past years, I have been gifted with the fancy schmancy spiral sliced hams. (Most are quite good, actually.) Other than the ubiquitous, but good, Ham Bone Bean Soup, I have made stock with the leavings. It is great for cooking cabbage and other greens, green beans, whatever. You do have to be aware of the salt level and adjust your recipe accordngly.

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Along the lines of what Pontormo posted the first thing that came to mind was that it would probably work quite well in an escarole/white bean soup.

The second thing that came to mind (for the Arrested Development fans out there): "Mmm, watery....with a smack of ham." OK, OK- it really was the first thing that came to mind, but I just can't resist using the phrase 'smack of ham' lately.

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