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A new rum, Grand Havana, from Westerhall


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In a recent browse through my local State Store, I found a new libation from Westerhall's, maker of my favorite sipping rum, Plantation.

Their little hang-tag indicates Traditional copper kettle distillation permits production of a small quantity of rum each day. Grand Havana Rum is mellowed and aged to perfection in cognac barrels brought from Spain. The small number batches are handwritten on each bottle at our West Indies distillery.

It's a 750ml bottle, 40% alc./vol, and mine came in a cardboard tube with a fairly-simple Grand Havana label on it. Price was around $25.

Though the tag touts it as best enjoyed for sipping straight or on the rocks, I wasn't particularly enamoured with it. :hmmm: Though I don't have a bottle of Plantation to compare, this new entry doesn't seem particularly distinctive, seeming to have a bit more bite than depth.

I'd be interested in other's opinions....


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a bit more bite than depth.

That about sums up my experience with this rum. I'm a little skeptical about this rum being distilled in copper kettle stills as I haven't seen one of those stills in operation at Westerhall for some time, but things change.

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