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Your 2006 "cooking" wish list


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Along the lines of Ronnie's 2006 restaurant wish list what recipes or cookbooks do you really want to jump into in '06?

I for one know I will be cooking a lot from The Cooking of Southwest France and I will continue cooking from EL Bulli 1998-2002 (3) and probaly try some food recipes out of Bakers two volume set once I transcribe some recipes. There are too many recipes and ideas floating around these boards for me to pick any just know many will be tried.

So what are you cooking in '06?

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I'm really hoping to find Molly's Braising cookbook under the tree with a Le Creuset oval oven, if I've been a good girl this year, that is. I've braised for years, but want to branch out with it. This idea dovetails nicely with my continuing quest to feed my family well but inexpensively.

~ Lori in PA

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Swiped Nick Sandler and Johnny Acton's Preserved from under the christmas tree, and have ever since been dreaming of the wonderful time I'm going to have with drying, salting, smoking, pickling, preserving in sugar and alcohol, and etc... High on my 2006 to do list are Corned Beef, Luncheon Meat, Beef Jerky, Sausages.

I spied 2 other books (by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall) under the tree.....oh my! 2006 is going to be a BUSY year! And, that doesn't even include Baking yet!

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Food Pix (plus others)

Please take pictures of all the food you get to try (and if you can, the food at the next tables)............................Dejah

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I got myself All About Brasing as a Christmas gift, and I'd really like to try some of her stuff out. My only problem is that I live alone and if I give away the balance of what I don't eat, I usually get conned into making the recipe again for a crowd of 40 or so... :rolleyes:

"Commit random acts of senseless kindness"

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1: Sourdough bread.

2: I'm going to buy every frickin sour cherry in sight when the season starts. Whatever won't fit in a pie and another pie and another pie, I'll soak in bourbon, glace, make into jam, freeze, whatever. I don't care how long I have to spend pitting them.

3: Similarly, more preserves and other things to keep the flavors of spring and summer around longer. Infused liquors too.

4: Make twice as much marmalade the next time I buy Meyer lemons. Candied peel, too -- I made some candied peel from a mystery citrus fruit I found in an Asian market, and I like the results.

5: Master my iSi Creme Whipper so I stop blowing bowls across the room and scaring the cats.

6: Next year, three fruitcakes. One for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas, one to give away.

7: Blood sausage.

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I also asked for Molly's Braising cookbook for Christmas, if it's not under the tree I have a B&N gift certificate that will be used to purchase it.

I would like to start smoking a little more and baking bread for the new year.

I'd also like to cook more with the kids.

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all this talk about the braising book, i want it too

also i want to make the millionaire salad from michael ginor foie gras cookbook

foie gras and lobster salad...umm and caviar...may need to end of year to pay for it but i have been waiting about a yr so for

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I put a reserve at the library on the braising book to test out a few recipes before I buy it. My husband put an unofficial moratorium on my buying cookbooks, so I’ll have to convince him that this one is worth buying.

I'd love to try a nice paella or jambalya. Or the perfect lobster with black bean sauce...

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Karen C.

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