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An eGulleteer goes to cooking school!

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That's right. Our own Malawry has decided to leave her job, enroll in a full-time professional chef program at a cooking school--you go girl--and after sweating it out in the kitchen and classroom all week, she's agreed to keep an online diary of the experience here at eGullet.

Unlike other attempts I've seen on the web, this one will be interactive--aided by our superior board software--though of course only Malawry and her jacket will get battered, burned and stained.

The format will be similar to Steve Shaw's cross country weblog--Malawry posts new entries each week and you're all encouraged to add your responses, post comments or ask questions after each entry.

Her program begins July 1st. For her first entry I've asked her to set the stage for us--to fill in the blanks of the motivational equation that led her to take this significant step--and to speak a bit to her goals, hopes and expectations going into the experience.

A new direction for Malawry. Another step for eGullet.

Yes, this is the same school I went to 10 years ago.

Oh, one other thing: Malawry's not exactly an omnivore. Yet.

Steve Klc

Pastry chef-Restaurant Consultant

Oyamel : Zaytinya : Cafe Atlantico : Jaleo


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