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Bruno Loubet

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Bruno? Bruno who? What city? What food? Why don't we know anything about this chap?

Hmmm... where's Bruno...

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I'v never heard of Bruno eithr but I hear that berardo'ss is quiet something in Queensland.




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Was a relatively high profile chef in London in the mid-90s. Cooked at L'Odeon and Bistro Bruno, published a cookbook. Middling * food and decent notices, if I recall, but a bit before my time.

Didn't know he'd resurfaced



Bruno is quite famous in Australia or at least Queensland as he is a former Michelin-starred chef. He had a wonderful restaurant in Brisbane. It was a fine dining French style restaurant which I believe was quite successful but would have been fairly tough going in Brisbane. I imagine Berardo's will give him a lot more scope due to the dining dollars available in Noosa. If anyone has eaten at Restaurant Atelier in Sydney, the chef, Darren Templeman used to work with Bruno in London.

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