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Beer of the Month Clubs


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Sorry if this has been covered--I searched the archives but couldn't find anything.

My husband mentioned he might like a beer-of-the-month membership for Christmas, but it's difficult to tell whether the ones Google's coughing up are reliable. I suspect he's looking for seasonal microbrews or international beers.

Anyone know of anything?



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I dunno if any of the national ones are any good.

I know a local liquor store here has a nice beer of the month club which features international and hard to find beers.

You might want to check liquor stores in your neighborhood have something similar. At least you can avoid shipping.

If you can't find a local one, there are several on this about.com site:

Beer Buying Clubs

The only one I've had any experience with are the Belmont Station folks. They were quite helpful. Only wish I lived closer to their store!


Erik Ellestad

If the ocean was whiskey and I was a duck...

Bernal Heights, SF, CA

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I did a club for a good 2+ years that no longer exists -- Great Beers of Belgium, run by RealBeer.com, the retail portion of which has since been subsumed by beveragebistro.com. My membership was converted to "Michael Jackson's Rare Beer Club", but I didn't stick it out too long, having already amassed a substantial backlog of brews (many of which, being bottle-conditioned, I can afford to take my time getting through).

It's a decent option, I'd say, with a number of price-points for varying quantities, and will definitely get your husband some off-the-beaten path beers from pretty much all over.


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