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Today is Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

Kim Shook

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Kim, 'cooking ahead' is a euphemism for 'lunch is served', 'snack-time' and 'what's for dessert'??!!!!




But I totally applaud people who can do this. I should. Gosh I love to make huge long rolls of pinwheel refrigerator cookies. :raz: And I would just slice the dough & eat it. Because if you totally go and bake some--hey that's cheating! But if you just slowly whittle it down sans baking there's less guilt :rolleyes: ...somehow... :laugh:

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I suffer from the same illness of instant consumption ever since giving up the extra freezer..... somehow it was easier NOT to indulge when the food was wrapped and frozen ELSEWHERE.

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Where's Ling and her korova cookie dough? :laugh:

I will not be cooking ahead, only because I have too much going on...my only free nights are right before I need to bring cookies in to give them out. Oy.

I'm psyched, though, because I'll be making Chufi's speculaas for the folks at the office!

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i started my cookie baking this morning! actually, i'm a couple days late but i'm off to a good start. made chocolate chip and checkerboard cookies this morning and tonight i think i'll make peanut butter and oatmeal. :biggrin:

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Is anyone else cooking ahead for the holidays yet?

Mwaaaaa-ha-ha! (Insert maniacal smiley face here....) I started baking ahead several weeks ago. We do a fair bit of entertaining around the holidays (in addition to the usual family stuff) and I work full time, so the only way to get it done is to do it early. And even then I end up having to cut stuff from my list because I run out of time.

Not counting the things I made for Thanksgiving, which are now only a sweet memory....... In the big freezer are currently residing: mini-gougeres, mini-ham croissants, more savory puffs that will be filled with a salmon mousse, mini-eclair shaped puffs for eclairs, tartlet shells, Viennese chocolate sables (from Pierre Herme), lemon curd, pastry cream, lots of chocolate glaze, a honey chiffon pie, cheese straws, and more stuff I can't think of. In airtight containers in the cool basement are hand-dipped ginger chocolate truffles, hand-dipped salt caramels, RLB's myrtles (caramel-pecan turtles), and raspberry pate de fruit. I still have lots of cookies to make and a few cakes. Better get off the 'puter and get cracking!

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Where's Ling and her korova cookie dough?  :laugh:

Another one of my favourite doughs is the Chez Panisse gingersnap dough. I'm making 14 dozen of these for the cookie exchange this weekend, but I'll have to make extra dough for snacking. :wink: I'm planning to cover the gingersnaps with orange dark chocolate Cacao Berry. :smile:

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Actually, I was just thinking that I really wanted to make cookies this year, but don't want to go too crazy (nor do I have the time to) by making several batches right before Christmas. What EXACTLY do I have to do to get them to freeze well? Any type that does/doesn't freeze well? Thanks!

Joanna G. Hurley

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Actually, I was just thinking that I really wanted to make cookies this year, but don't want to go too crazy (nor do I have the time to) by making several batches right before Christmas. What EXACTLY do I have to do to get them to freeze well? Any type that does/doesn't freeze well?  Thanks!

I make peanut butter, chocolate chip, & decorated sugar cookies every year plus a few wild cards and I always freeze them. I put them in large disposable loaf pans (so they don't get smooshed), double wrap in heavy duty foil and then put that in freezer bags. As long as I make them in Nov or Dec., they don't seem to suffer. I also freeze my fudge and candied pecans.

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To freeze cookies, the easiest thing to do is to mix the dough and shape it. Then lay the shaped, unbaked, dough on a cookie sheet and put it in the freezer until it is hard. Take it out and quickly transfer it to a zipper bag or plastic container, and you can just take out what you need as you want to bake them, keeping the remainder for later use. If airtight and if your freezer is cold (zero degrees) they will keep for up to 2 months. Don't put sugar or candy trims on before freezing, because they will become sticky.

Right now I have pecan tassies, lemon wreaths, jeweled shortbread, walnut rogelach, chocolate snowballs, orange-almond wafers, walnut chews and chocolate-peppermint patties in the freezer. Still on the mix-and-freeze agenda are chocolate-almond lace cookies, hazelnut fingers, butter cut-outs, pecan snowballs, lemon spritz, cranberry jumbles, chocolate-dipped coconut chews, and soft gingerbread people.

I will bake off some of each on the 14th & 15th for the big family Christmas party on the 16th, and then I'll bake off the rest on the 17th for the always-expected cookie trays that we give to friends, family and my hubby's clients.

I love to bake, but the whole holiday cookie thing is my absolute favorite thing to do. I am in a constant state of euphoria from the week before thanksgiving until the week before Christmas.

Eileen Talanian

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