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Wines of the poor


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In a world where marketing is the key to success, some fine wines are slowly disapearing on us. Following are a couple that might be suitable to some of your favorite dishes:

Traminer Targovishte, Bulgaria, 2001.

Pale numb yellowish color

Aromatic shifting between spring flowers and herbs.

Bone dry on the palate with complimenting vegi notes.

A good niche wine, simple and well balanced.

[U]Feteasca Neagra Reserve xx Romania 1999

Red dark cherry color with medium depth

Mild gentle fruit with a sweet cherry – black raisin aroma.

Fairly consistent and takes a while for some raisins and chocolates to develop.

Soft on the entry with a fair amount of fruit mingling quite nicely with dominating oak tannins and some spice.

This wine will prove a classical match to fatty food .

A slight hint of butter and green notes on the end, develop after minutes.

Tried it with some sausages and salami – went great. May also fit hard aged sheep cheese.


Many Feteasca Neagra wines are produced with high residual sugar contents. I find the drier versions much superiot to the sweetish more locally popular versions.

Andre Suidan

I was taught to finish what I order.

Life taught me to order what I enjoy.

The art of living taught me to take my time and enjoy.

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