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Demo: Shaping a baguette


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Dear Jack,

That is really useful. I saw it last night and put it to good use this afternoon. Formulas and recipes are fine to learn from books but when you bake of your own it's the handskills that are hard to pick up. A class with Dan Lepard last month and just a short video from you and I feel I have really moved on again in the last few weeks.

Couple of questions. What hydration was the dough? Is your couche just heavy canvas on two thick dowels?

Best wishes,


Mick Hartley

The PArtisan Baker


"I can give you more pep than that store bought yeast" - Evolution Mama (don't you make a monkey out of me)

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The dough is 67% hydration, but high speed mixed. I give the formula here: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showto...dpost&p=1054933

The couche is floured heavy linen (Furnishing Ecru from http://www.russellandchapple.co.uk/index.asp ). You only need a metre or so. One end is the linen wrapped round a rolling pin, though I guess any lump of wood would do, and the other is the roll of linen itself. The whole lot goes in a plastic bin liner to prove.

Dry and sterilise it in a low oven after use.

The resulting baguettes from the video. The top one is bent since it caught on the peel as I was putting it in the oven. Note the fine blistering on the crust since I retarded them overnight to fit my baking schedule, having proved them for 4 hours

These baguettes are as long as I can fit in the Aga.


As I said, I've still a way to go, but practice makes perfect.

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