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GABF 2005

Susan in FL

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The Great American Beer Festival came and went a month ago without any todo in this Forum. In case anyone hasn't checked out the winners and is interested, here are a couple of links.

Here you can click for a PDF file listing the winners, on the official site.

Here you will find another list which might be a little easier on the eyes.

Was anybody there and have any stories to share? Opinions?

Life is short; eat the cheese course first.

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This will make the second year I missed GABF, one of my favorite trips at any time. Aside from the daytime road trips to breweries and brewpubs in different parts of Colorado (the festival is held on 3 consecutive evenings), and the many parties and receptions that you can find yourself stumbling into after each

evening session, it's just an incredible beer tasting experience. I love to scan the winners list for the always clever beer names.

Rich Pawlak


Reporter, The Trentonian

Feature Writer, INSIDE Magazine
Food Writer At Large


"In Cerveza et Pizza Veritas"

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