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Flagstaff Restaurants

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I'm off to Flagstaff and would love to hear any recomendations for meals while I'm there. Thanks.

Here goes with some of the places I discovered when in Flagstaff last week.

Oregano's was good for Italian and pizza.

Mountain Oasis was a great little eclectic place for lunch.

Racha Thai good inexpensive Thai food.

Macy's was a "hippy dippy" place that was fine for lunch but painfully slow service.

Hunan was just alright for their lunch special (huge portion for around 5 bucks).

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I can't honestly rave about anything in Flagstaff. I go there several times a year and have started to rent a condo so I can cook...but here are a few recomendations:

Stop at The Turquoise Room at La Posada Hotel in Winslow on the way to or from Flag. The hotel is great fun and the food is not bad. There's also an Italian place off I-40 in Hollbrook called Mesa Italiana.

In Flag:

Racha Thai: for good cost effective Thai

Mountain Oasis: Eclectic health conscious place... great for lunch

Jackson Grill: (slightly out of town toward Sedona) The food is not bad... but often just misses the mark. (My friends love it, but I'm very critical). They do have a good wine list and low key decor.

Macy's: Hippie Dippy place for breakfast or lunch (home baked stuff etc.) Service is really slow.

Hiro's (I think that's the name) Pretty good sushi with a small Japanese store.

Let us know if you discover any gems. Good Luck

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Hi everyone,

we'll be in Flagstaff at the very end of september for 2 nights.

Can anyone recommend some decent, not too touristy restaurants? (Steaks or Burgers or Asian or...)

And some breakfast places? (Preferably something where they serve good capuccino and some nice sandwiches. Not that undrinkable starbucks crap...).

Thank you!



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Again, to answer my own question...

We didn't try much in Flagstaff (a really nice town, by the way!):

--Karma Sushi & Tapas - nice atmosphere, but he the food was just not good. The miso soup had no taste; the fried rice with chicken was oily and overcooked; the rolls were "alright" at best.

--Macy's: Really good and tasty sandwiches with good side salads that are not only your regular "iceberg and tomato" stuff. I liked this place alot!

Lots of "european looking" students (meaning: no quarterbacks and no fraternity guys...). Really nice, european atmosphere. Very friendly service. ("hippie dippie" it is not imho - but conservative people might see this differently).

--Beaver Street Brewery: We were in the (sports?) bar area only. Not nice. The exact opposite of Macy's. Lots of half drunken fraternity guys and young, thick shouldered football fans. The bartender hardly speaks and never smiles. The tap beers/ales taste horrible, just horrible...

--Charlys Grill (in the Weatherford hotel): Bad, bad, bad. I had the worst steak of my life at this place, seriously. And we have lots of bad steaks in europe...

The spare ribs that my fiancee ordered were only slightly better. The sides are a joke. Service is friendly but slow.

--Late For The Train Coffee: really nice. It is just a coffee bar, nothing more. But the coffee is really good - and they serve it in real cups!!!



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My Flagstaff recommendations…

Brix Restaurant & Wine Bar


413 N San Francisco St

Flagstaff, AZ 86001-4613

(928) 213-1021

Casual Fine Dining & Wine Bar. Inspired menu, local ingredients, very good wine list, knowledgeable & friendly serving staff.



19 E Aspen Ave

Flagstaff, AZ 86001-5220

(928) 779-1937

Italian Fine Dining. Very fresh and good food, romantic setting, service can be great (or not)



503 N Humphreys St

Flagstaff, AZ 86001-3055

(928) 779-3400

Modern American Fine Dining Bistro. Chef-owned. Excellent food, service usually very good, great cozy bungalow ambiance.

Cottage Place


126 W Cottage Ave

Flagstaff, AZ 86001-5588

(928) 774-8431

Fine Dining. Chef-Owner. Excellent food and service. Very good wine list. Cute historic cottage setting. Pricey.

The Big Cheese


My Blog: "The Kitchen Chronicles"

BMR on FaceBook

"The Flavor of the White Mountains"

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