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The Parkside


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Went there on Friday night and had a great meal:

Started with a drink, the Moscow Mule, which is Vodka and the gingeriest ginger beer I've ever tasted. The first few sips burned my throat but it mellowed after some of the ice had melted. Not bad. We're not big drinkers so that is all I had in the alcohol department.

On to the food:

I ordered the four-course tasting menu ($48) which allows you to make a few choices as to what you would like, but otherwise it is completely up to the chef.

Started with the only choice I made:

Foie gras with spiced peaches and toasted brioche

This was a fantastic dish, the butteriness of the warm brioche along with the melt in my mouth foie gras and the sweetness/spiciness of the peaches gave it a little bite. I could feel the calories piling onto my body.


Swiss chard and Gorgonzola tortellini with chantrelle mushrooms, peas, and artichokes

Great dish to follow-up the foie gras with as this was much lighter. I burst the tortellini and the gorgonzola oozed out making the sauce a little stronger, and very delicious. This was not on the menu.


Steak tartare

Finely chopped beef with lots of pepper and some other spices I could not determine. Was served with some potato crisps and a small pile of dressed greens on the side. This one lingered in my mind almost as much as the first dish. Very strong flavours, lots of bite, very delicious.


Grilled seabass with chorizo sausage, green beans, and manilla clams

Have to say I was a little disapointed by this one. All of the items tasted very good individually, but together as one dish, I think it failed. The seabass was moist, the skin crispy, beans crisp, just not very exciting overall. This was not on the menu.

Brief comment on my wife's food (I didn't really try it):

Started with the Lobster bisque cappuccino in a big coffee cup, lots of foam, and garnished with chopped chives.

Second had pumpkin and mascarpone ravioli in a pistachio cream sauce. This was delicious (I was able to steal a bite). Good rich flavour, delicate pasta.

Skipped dessert because we were way too full.

Overall: delicious food and amazing value. I highly recommend Parkside and will be back there very soon.

PS: Hopefully Coop will read this and report on his meal there, I read that he was going to be there on the same night that we were, and am very interested to here what he thought.

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Actually made it to Parkside last night. Love the room and the location. Only complaint about the room was after dinner I used the men's room and noticed that everyone in the place had a view of me standing at the urinal. This was a new one for me.

Mrs Coop and I started with glasses of Sancett a very nice refreshing wine from Gascony. We had a bottle of Rodriugeuz 105 to pair with our meal.

I decided on the Chef's tasting menu while my wife ordered 3 dishes off the menu. My first dish was an hierloom tomato salad with goat cheese pannacotta. This was perfect, I love goat cheese but find it too heavy in a salad this pannacotta solved that problem as it was full of goat cheese flavour but still very light in wieght. Green Zebra's, Yellow, and Red Grape tomatoes were featured. Mrs Coop had a beautiful Sunchoke soup with a touch of truffle oil. Very Nice.

Next I had a Lamb Ragout with a green pea Ravioli. This dish looked and sounded great but didn't quite do it for me. It just didn't seem to come together and had kind of a raw feel. There was some chunks of Orange zest that added to the rawness.

Then I had a very nice Oyster Stew and Mrs Coop had Sweetbreads in a brown sauce with Papdrelle. This was also very successful. Perfectly cooked sweetbreads in a very rich sauce. The pasta was cooked perfectly.

To finish I had Venison in a green peppercorn and plum sauce. This was very interesting in that it was quite sweet as well as peppery. I liked it very much. Our other dish was a Scallop and Corn risotto in Lobster Jus. Very nice risotto surrounded by a lobster bisque type sauce. I think this was the best dish of the night.

We finished with excellent Americanos accompanied by anise seed biscotti. A very nice way to finish a meal. We found the service to be friendly and very efficient. Chef Andrey popped by to ask if everything was good and then got back to work. All and All a very nice evening.

After dinner we took a walk up Robson street into what has become a bustling Japanese and Korean food mecca. Guu, and Kintaro were busting at the seams with customers as were a couple of Korean places whose names I can't remember. At the same time the MacD's had two people nursing coffee's the Pizza hut was empty and there was one customer at Subway. What a great sight that was. The whole evening would have been perfect except for the obscene grill smell coming fron the DQ at Denamn and Robson.

David Cooper

"I'm no friggin genius". Rob Dibble


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Has anyone noticed that Parkside has a new menu? They are now offering a three course dinner for $40 or appetizers for $10 each, $24 for mains and $8 for desserts. You may add a cheese course for $9. For a spot that had entrees for $20 previously, that's a 20% increase, not a small increase by any means although from all the great things I've heard, still well worth it.


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I think they introduced these prices late last year.

Still a great bargain though and the wine list is quite varied.

The Gotim Bru is a good choice to chase away those winter blues.

Just one of a few establishments where a solo diner does not feel uncomfortable.

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That was the case in July. Andrey told us he had to dump the tasting menu while the patio was open, it was just too much to keep up with. i geuss now that he has about half the seats he can manage it.

Gotim Bru, Montrachet? Do you have a web cam in my cellar?

David Cooper

"I'm no friggin genius". Rob Dibble


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I love this little tucked-away space and I've been a fan for two years, I'm glad to report not much has changed in the food quality and service over the years, this was my 5th visit there.

This is a rather practical place, I like to refer to it as a restaurant where the locals go when explaining the concept to hotel guests. I made the reservation at 2 pm by phone for last Saturday night by leaving a voice mail message, this always makes me nervous as confirmation is impossible until after 5 pm when the hostess arrives. Fortunately no hitch is encountered when I'm able to call back after work to ensure I have a seat for three at 8 pm.

Of course like many parties, we get to chatting and find we are behind, and call the restaurant to ask if we can push that reso up an hour, no problem they say so we arrive at 9 pm for dinner.

The guest of honour is my dear friends sweet but spunky Italian mother, her first visit to Vancouver up from Belleville Ontario, originally via Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. My friend wants her to experience what we've come to love about this place, a classy warm environment where friendly and comfort is as important as good food and value.

We were seated in the middle of the room but felt comfortable there with enough room to pull our seats out a bit. Our server greeted us promptly, he was a nice looking young guy with a warm and friendly smile, we eventually liked him so much we invited him into our conversations often throughout the evening. We inevitably felt like a part of the family, conversations included people at neighbouring tables discussing the dishes served and Vancouver tourist areas to see, as well as nightlife.

The wine list was presented and as usual it is handed to me, I'm a control freak so this suits me fine :raz: . I quickly scan the list and spot the Morgante Nero D'avola '03 listed at 53$. Our server is prompt and professional as well as warm and inviting, after bringing the wine and decanter to the table he pours me a taster - ugg, corked !

He doesn't blink or even seem to question the off wine, quickly bringing another bottle. Once again this bottle is opened and a taster is poured - perfect I declare and we are ready to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.

My friends mother has never had foie gras so we insist she try this appy, a Foie gras parfait, poached pears and Gewürztraminer wine gelée served with toasted brioche. We all order it as we are suckers for this little touch of hedonism, and it's brilliant, rich and delicious. The only distressing part was being given only 3 brioche each when we clearly required 6 each to finish our plates. The service being perfectly prompt we need not wait to flag and are quickly given warm brioche extras.

Just for that dish alone this dinner was already off to a perfect start.

I ordered the Grilled medallions of venison, cognac & fresh chanterelles, with potato gratin for my main. My venison was perfectly cooked MR, tender and artfully displayed, the sauce gave it zippy pizzaz, and of course the chanterelles made it a warm, gut sticking comfort food.

My friend ordered a crispy skin Cornish hen, garlic pomme purée, lemon, crushed pepper and rosemary jus. To my surprise this dish became my favourite of all as for some reason this was simply delicious. It seemed simple enough and what can be so great about little chickens eh ? But it was and if I go again I will surely order it for myself. Completely deboned the entire body is delicately breaded and pan fried, it was crispy but light and savoury.

My friends mothers lamb, also her first lamb ever was big and beautiful but I see it's already been replaced on their internet menu by a veal shank osso bucco. A load of dark sauce rich reduction and chopped tomato with peppers it looked like a lamb rack statue on potato mash. She loved it.

The grande finale was a sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream. Man oh man I think I was in heaven with every bite, we were all so excited about this dessert we insisted the entire restaurant order it before they go.

Two bottles of wine, a big bottle of sparkling water, 3 americanos and gratuity brought our bill to 340$ for three. Not cheap by any means but not entirely expensive either, but were doing it up for a special guest.

I felt I got my money's worth and left satisfied after having a wonderful evening with entertaining friends, new and old.

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^I went to Parkside with some friends back in August, and I got to try most of their menu most of us ordered different dishes. I remember the Cornish game hen as being my favourite main of the evening as well! :smile: The Valrhona chocolate tart was really good, but unfortunately it seems to be off the menu now.

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  • 9 months later...

Had dinner at Parkside tonight and really enjoyed everything. Perfect summer meal on the most civilized patio in the city. Vitello tunnato - cool and savory. Tempura fried zuchinni blossom stuffed with herbed riccotta - served with a sweet savory tomato fondue - tremendous. Trio of Lamb and Red Deer where rich and almost autumnal. Great frangipane fig tart made with Richmond grown figs.

Really satisfying, perfectly balanced flavors - grown up sophisticated food that was unfussy and perfectly handled.

Good good stuff

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Ah...Parkside: one of Vancouver's gem's. Glad you all enjoyed it. I have nothing but praise for the food, service, and ambiance.



"who needs a wine list when you can get pissed on dessert" Gordon Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares 2005


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We were there on Friday night. My SO started with the octopus salad and then had the halibut with grilled chorizo and prawns. I kept to my vegetarian ways with a main of pea and ricotta ravioli and as a starter, the mixed greens with tomato fondue. We shared a bottle of Blue Mountain Pinot Blanc. For dessert, the SO had the banoffi pie (which was actually a deconstructed version) and I had the coupe glacee (chocolate sundae with homemade marshmallows, yum!).

Parkside lived up to all expectations. I've been wanting to dine there for quite some time after reading all the positive reviews on eGullet. We will definately be back again...possibly when the Valrhona tart and/or sticky toffee pudding reappears on the dessert menu!

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If only Coop were here to read all this.

Parkside is one of my top 3 or 4 patios in the city (except when the locals decide to toke up just on the other side of the hedge). Strage though that I've never been any time other than the summer.


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Parkside is one of my top 3 or 4 patios in the city (except when the locals decide to toke up just on the other side of the hedge).  Strage though that I've never been any time other than the summer.

The only downside to the patio was the lack of dining music - what a difference it makes when you realize it is not playing. It made things seem a little more serious - but as the patio filled out, things felt a lot looser.

I am sure it is is deference to Parkside's residential neighbours that music is not played.

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My post is a little late but I finally made it out to Parkside, I took a friend there on March 31st for dinner as her bday present.



*A bottle of D’ Arenberg Custodian Grenache 2002, Australia & Bread =).



-Oysters wrapped in prosciutto, dipped in tempura batter and coated in panko crumbs w/ coleslaw in a very nice sauce (cant remember what it was).

-Chilled gazpacho, sweet corn and prawns.



-Linguine with wild prawns, tomato sauce, chili oil.

-Bucatini with tuna, olives, capers, anchovy, garlic and parsley.



-Grilled rack of venison, pomme croquette, blue cheese mustard sauce.

-Breast of muscovy duck, glazed beets, yam gnocchi, port jus, cherries & green peppercorns

The restaurant is quietly tucked on Haro away from the commotion of Denman Street; I would have missed it if my friend did not spotted the valet standing outside. We walked thru a very simple looking dinning room, as we were led outside to the tranquility of the garden patio. Simplicity works for the restaurant; I would recommend the patio anytime for a nice quit summer night out.

After briefly chatting with other diners near by including a cute little kid whom continued thru the evening we ordered. We choose a bottle of 2002 D’ Arenberg Custodian Grenache, a great wine that morphs between sweet and sour with a good balanced acidity, I would defiantly order it again. All the dishes were good but what really stood out were their sauces. I would love to store the blue cheese mustard sauce in a ketchup bottle at home and toss it on all red meats. The sweetness of the port jus, exploding cherries as you bit down on them & green peppercorns took the beets to a whole new level and went wonderfully coating the fattiness of the duck. Then there was the Bucatini, even though I am not a huge fan of the saltiness/fishiness of anchovies, I really enjoyed them in this pasta dish.

The Linguine was a little dry and bland but could have been a lot better if more sauce was used. I also found the outside of the venison a little too tough then I am used too while the centre was prefect. Unfortunately we ended up skipping out on dessert because of other arrangements, but I will be back to try dessert in the near future as well as a truffle filled pheasant that was mentioned on here a while back. I did ask if it was available that night but they said they didn’t have any.

The service was good attentive and pleasant, our wine and water glasses were never empty and our waiter made sure to check up on all our dishes. He did ask us about our mains before we had even tired them, but he did come back and point out what he had done by mistake. He also provided me with the name of the Italian deli (Cioffi’s on East Hastins) they use for some of their meats.

I will be back to Parkside even though I wasn’t blown away but I did have a pleasant evening with good food and a chill time with a friend in an almost prefect surrounding.

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-Oysters wrapped in prosciutto, dipped in tempura batter and coated in panko crumbs w/ coleslaw in a very nice sauce (cant remember what it was).

Was that not too salty? Oyster with Proscuitto. I would have been worried about over salt. I guess that's why I'm not a chef :biggrin: The combo sounds divine if they can control the salt mmmmm. <still wonders why EG does not have a drool emoticon>

"There are two things every chef needs in the kitchen: fish sauce and duck fat" - Tony Minichiello

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-Oysters wrapped in prosciutto, dipped in tempura batter and coated in panko crumbs w/ coleslaw in a very nice sauce (cant remember what it was).

Was that not too salty? Oyster with Proscuitto. I would have been worried about over salt. I guess that's why I'm not a chef :biggrin: The combo sounds divine if they can control the salt mmmmm. <still wonders why EG does not have a drool emoticon>

I had the oysters on the weekend and I thought they were the best item I had that night.

The food and service at Parkside make it my favorite room in this city.


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