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Fink's Funky Chicken & Ribs

Rachel Perlow

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Oh yeah, that's on the menu under diet kosher desserts, right? I'm definitely gonna have to get a few dozen of those. Fink, you should have mail order.

[elyse, did you make jason spring for the meal, or is revealing that against forum decorum also? -:)]

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Does anyone know what's happened to Fink's website? I keep getting a "403 Access Denied - retrieval of that file is forbidden" message.

Forbidden? By whom? Most cruel!

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Hi Everybody. I figured this post was a good place to introduce myself becasue I have now eaten here 3 times becasue of E-gullet. I have been lurking on the site for about a month and finally joined a couple of weeks ago. My name is Allan and I live in Hackensack. I have lived here for about 3 years now. Thanks to this site, I can finally start to discover new restaurants. Let me just say that I LOVE food. I love to eat it, I love to cook it, and I love to talk about it.

The first place I decided to try was Finks. I went there for lunch last week. I started with some chicken wings in the Cajun sauce. The wings were excellent (if just a tad small for my liking), but the sauce was exceptional. It was one of the best wing sauces I have ever had. A perfect spice with some great seasonings. I then had a cheesteak w/ peppers and onions that was probably the best NJ cheesteak I have ever had. Now, you must understand that I have lots of friends in Philly, so it certainly wasn't the best I have had. That nod would go to Steves Prince of Steaks in NE Philly. They don't use chopped meat like finks. Instead, they use large slices of beef. That being said, I was still impressed w. finks version. I also ordered the herbed cottage fries which were fantastic, especially dipped in bbq sauce.

Now, for dinner that night, I wanted to try El Gran Mexicana. I have had no luck finding anything resembling good mexican food in the area. However, I must have gone too late, because when I arrived at 9:30pm they were closed. I figured why not go back to Finks and try the bbq. I order the taste of fink to. Because they were closing, they threw in a pint of extra pulled pork free of charge. I took it to go and had a feast when I returned home. The ribs, pulled chicken, and brisket were all tasty, but the pork was awesome! Some of the finest pulled pork I have ever eaten anywhere. The brisket was also quite good, if not a tad overcooked for my taste. I decided to really hold out judgement on the ribs until I ate at least a half a rack. 2 ribs are not a great indicator of ribs, plus it was like 9pm.

I took my buddy to Finks last night for dinner, and let me say that this time I ordered the 1/2 chicken and ribs combo. These ribs BLEW AWAY the ribs I had there a couple of weeks ago. In fact, they were some of the best spareribs I have ever had. They were cooked to perfection. The chicken also exceeded all expectations. What a great combo. I also had my buddy order the pulled pork and he was in heaven. We also ordered a burger medium rare, but it came out well done. I refuse to eat well done meat, and Finks had no problem taking it off the bill which was really cool of them. Another order of cottage fries and a Dr. Brown Cream soda, finished the meal off perfectly. Finks will become a weekly staple in my rotatiom. Cubby who? haha....

Anyway, that's my Finks experience in a nut shell. I have tried some other places, but that's for another topic. I look forward to attending the next egullet dinner, and if anyone in my area wants to ever grab some food with me I am always down.


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Fink's restaurant operations is closing after tomorrow and shifting to a catering-only business. If you haven't been there yet to sample his stuff, now would be a good time.

Tonight we ate and had our "Condemmned Man" dinner - as always, everything was fantastic. Fink prepared us what I call a "Barbecue Bomb" -- a deep-fried stuffed tortilla wrap with pulled pork, french fried potatoes, and cheddar cheese. It was amazing.

As of July 3, a minimum catering order for Finks is 3 racks of ribs or 4 chickens -- and pulled items and sides are by the quart. Quite reasonable, but you need to call Tuesday for weekend pickup:


eG thread on Fink's catering:


Jason Perlow

Co-Founder, The Society for Culinary Arts & Letters

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According to a post on CH, Fink sent out the following email:

"I don't work there anymore. I will be taking catering orders for the spring at finksfunky@optonline.net. Keep an eye on www.finksfunky.net for updates!! I should have a smoker equiped kitchen too work out of in a few weeks.

Thanks for your support,

Fink "

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