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Wine and Fine Dining

Rebel Rose

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For many of us here, restaurant wine selections (and prices) are a key component of a fine dining experience.

Do you think we will be seeing wine featured in more family and chain restaurants? What kind of wine?

Will the growing number of women vintners, sommeliers, and consumers influence wine and food offerings? If so, how?

Is there a growing public awareness and acceptance of various wine regions? Will wine lists try to incorporate them all? Will ethnic restaurants begin to feature ethnic wines?

Many restaurants feature a "wine of the month," but few offer a dish specifically created for that wine. Any possibilities that restaurants of the future will create weekly specials specifically around a particular wine or varietal?

And when are all these sissy frozen kiwi concoctions in martini glasses going to give way to some really delicious wine-themed desserts in 16 oz. wine glasses? Give me ABC--anything but chocolate!


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I hope the new urbanism will help with wine acceptance. Right now, a substantial percentage of the population lives in such a way that it is necessary to drive to dinner.

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