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If You Were a Food, What Would You Be?

Carrot Top

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I didn't even have to think about it. I read the title and immediately thought: I'd be loaf of rustic, hand-formed sourdough.

Full of delightful contrasts of crackle, crunch, crust, and crumb.

Monetarily cheap, but a labor of love.

Can be perfected either with high tech kitchen gadgetry and precise measurements, or simply with your hands and senses.

Equally at home in a fancy french restaurant and your grandmother's kitchen.

A personality that develops as you eat it, and then lingers with you for hours afterwards. (The "thirty minute finish" :laugh: )

Like the perfect little black dress that goes with everything, yet can be the star of the evening given the right circumstance.

OK, I admit I tend to wax a little poetic about sourdough, but I swear the first time I baked a loaf I fell under some sort of enchantment.

"Nothing you could cook will ever be as good as the $2.99 all-you-can-eat pizza buffet." - my EX (wonder why he's an ex?)

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