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looking for great restaurant in St. Lucia

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It is probably the restaurant in Anse Chastenet on the outskirts of Soufriere!

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Latest updates on the St. Lucian food scene.

The majority of restaurants in St. Lucia are located in the busier tourist area of Rodney Bay. My favorite part of the Island is the south end of the island between Soufriere and Vieux Fort. Service in general is very friendly but not very speedy or attentive.

North End - Rodney Bay & Castries

The Edge - located at Harmony Suites has excellent food, with a good Sushi Bar - very nice setting on the water.

Chic - on the strip in one of the big hotels (Royal or Rex St. Lucian), amazing food and setting with the best service I have seen on the Island.

Ti Banane - in Coco Palm - decent food, nothing to write home about.

Ku De Ta - new Thai restaurant that has tasty food, if you can get it. Was there just recently and waited over 2 hours to get mains - we left before they arrived - worth a revisit if the kitchen gets its act together.

Chef Steakhouse - fun atmosphere with pretty good food.

Tao - Asian Fusion located at LeSport - haven't dined there myself, but have heard good things.

Coalpot - located near the airport, nice atmosphere and setting with very good food - chocolate cake is to die for!!

Scuttlebutts - in the Rodney Bay Marina - decent pub style atmosphere.

Rainforest Cafe in Marigot Bay - very nice setting, decent but inconsistent food, attentive service, but don't bother asking for brandy or port after dinner - night we were there had nothing of the 6-8 selections on their list.

South End - Soufriere to Vieux Fort

Anse Chastanet - several restaurants with nice views, very good food - and a don't miss Indian style restaurant called Apsara

Jalousie Plantation - haven't dined in their high end room, but the $17USD hamburger with 8 Pringle chips was a little ridiculous.

Ladera Resort - very good food, great setting - but once your wine or food gets to your table you are on your own - little followup from staff when they are busy.

Pirates Cove - casual pub style on the waterfront in Soufriere - great value for money - excellent burgers and wraps

Camillas - the best Creole food that we have had on the Island - get a seat outside on the 2 table balcony to get the real Soufriere feel - make sure you have a Camillas Voodoo.

Green Room - good everyday Creole - on a very loud street in the evening when the party room opens up 2 doors down.

Bon Manje - good food, very slow kitchen, little atmosphere, but never busy.

Fedos - quick, casual and cheap local food - always a good bet - if you can find it!

Archies - more known for the bar out front - decent BBQ in the back.

The Reef - located outside the airport in Vieux Fort right on the water - decent food, ice cold Pitons in a great setting.

Foxgrove Inn - located between Vieux Fort and Dennery - very good food, great views, mixed service.

Lots of great rum shacks with outstanding BBQs located in every town, and the locals are very friendly - ask someone which is their favorite -grab a cold Piton and get eating - enjoy!!

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Just got back and found some great out of the way places around the island.

In Marigot Bay (across from Rainforest) is Mygo Restaurant. Great west indy flavour and beautiful view of the bay.

Rodney's Bay can be very touristy, so if you are game for a drive head toward Vieux Fort and stop at Auntie Debbie's. Open air restaurant with Christmas lights, but great fish and a sampling of local cuisine.

Skip Jalousie's expensive $18 hot dog and go down the road to MangoTree (Stonefield Estates) best view in all the island (between the Pitons) and great fresh fish and a good wine list. Go for a walk around the hotel after, each villa has their own pool!

Just a word to the wise, if you end up in Soufriere and go to the Hummingbird, be prepared to wait. Two hours between appetizers and mains!

Muskoka Kid

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Ku de Ta - Rodney Bay: nice take on a bloody mary "Thai Mary", Tom Yum soup that was not clear and had a composite taste rather than one allowing all the various ingredients to make their presence known. Green Curry good if lacking in heat considering its three chilli designation and the chicken was less good than hoped for. Good service and pleasant dining room.

Rainforest Hideaway - Marigot Bay: dining on a pontoon is romantic though a bit more light would be appreciated to actually discern the food. Intersting, inexpensive cocktails, good presentation and unfussy service. The white wine tasted odd (both bottles, from different countries and grapes had the taste of a green wine despite being 2006 vintage). Free boat ferry from the marina

Chateau Mygo - Marigot Bay: Fulsome sushi plate for 50EC$ ($20 US). The permanent happy hour does not seem to make the drinks noticeably cheaper but you do get two for every one you order which can actually be a problem!

Doolittle's - Marigot Bay - Chicken Roti OK but you pay for the location rather than the food

Hurricane Hole (Discovery Resort) - Marigot Bay - OK but Mygo a better bet

Mango Tree - Soufriere. Accra fishcakes excellent and deep fried squid and baby octupus pleasing

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