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Henry is a complete figment of my own imagnation--fueled by extensive reading of (and an unhealthy obsession with)  histories of the French and American intelligence services. I was inspired by accounts of Gaullist agents--many hired from the ranks of Corsican organized crime groups--who did the dirty work of assassinating dissidents and coup-plotters during the Algerian business--as well as taking on other work in Africa (often, it is said, on a loaner basis for the CIA)Bamboo was an early  heartfelt and not entirely successful attempt at hitting a home run with a romantic potboiler--a beach read for sociopaths--and a love letter to Saint Martin. And Frances?  Well..I guess you could say there are definitely some similarities. You can, by the way, use the book as a pretty good guide to where to eat, drink, sleep and screw in Saint Martin--almost all locations are real. The Oyster Pond Yacht Club, where my heroes live, has since become a hideous and gargantuan resort. I suggest La Samanna as an alternative.


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