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Last Meal (for awhile) in SF

Sue Flay

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We're moving away in the middle of September and have funds for one more snazzy meal in the Bay Area. Where should we go? We've been to Chez Panisse, Manka's, Quince, various other places--but we're looking for a last hurrah. What's the one place we shouldn't miss?

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We're moving to Seattle, so there will certainly be good food there.

That's where we moved to. And now from. :)

Edited to add...

There is certainly good food there, but there are many things that you can get here that you won't find done terribly well there (and, to a limited extent, vice-versa). Most of the things that pop to mind are ethnic -- thai, mexican, dim sum -- and not necessarily the kind of top-tier "last supper" that I think you're looking for.

I'd avoid any place that specializes in seafood or small plates (as just two examples) since you will not lack for great examples of either in your new home.


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Manresa for a blowout meal -- you can get 22 course tasting menus there if you want, and sit and eat for 5 hours straight. I liked Danko, but there is no comparison.

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I'm interested as to why those of you in the know wouldn't suggest Zuni Cafe? I've never been to San Francisco so I don't know about any of the others (apart from the French Laundry, natch)...

Zuni's a great place for a meal...but I wouldn't consider it a "last meal" kind of place.

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Don't know if it qualifies for "last meal" status, but I still think about the dinner I had at Aziza earlier this year...and wish I could find a place like it out here!

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la folie is pretty rich, if you like that kind of thing. high quality though, and a nice room.

maybe do a tour of north beach:

enrico's smoked salmon with cucumber jam

osteria del forno's thin crust pizza

michaelangelo's pasta with clams

dessert at moose's or monkey bar

in seattle: don't miss lampreia and wild ginger (excellent!!!)

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