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Cuban Matusalem reNamed

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Sign me up for one of each...ok...ok make that 2 but then come to think about it 3 would be nice too!!!

I'll drink it nomatter what you call it.......if it is a little off I'll put fruit-juice in it. If it is way off I'll put cola in it!!

enjoy cj

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Santiago de Cuba is a seperate brand and has been available for quite some time paralle to Cuban Matusalem.  They are two diferent brands :)

"Traveler, you who sail into the Caribbean in silvered yacht or gilded cruise ship, pause as you enter these waters to remember that deep below rest three men of honor who helped determine the history of this onetime Spanish Lake: Sir John Hawkins, builder of the English navy; Sir Francis Drake, conqueror of all known seas; Admiral Ledesma, stubborn enhancer of his king's prerogatives and the interests of his own strong family"

James A. Michener - Caribbean

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