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Rum article in Aug 10th N.Y. Times


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Great article if for no other reason that any publicity is good publicity. Rum is fine fine stuff when well made... glad for the NYtimes pointing that out.

Few of their reviewed rums are available in Pennsylvania, at the moment, but I'll keep an eye out to see if that changes.

Interesting that they're finding interesting white rums... in my limited experience, it has always been the aged rums that were particularly interesting. But then again, white tequilas are spectacularly flavorful, so white rums could as well....

I remain a fan of Bacardi 8, a very nice aged rum... but will look out for interesting white rums to try if they make it to my shelves.

Christopher D. Holst aka "cdh"

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And there is another article that also came out Wednesday in the New York Times. Rum Flirts With Bachelorhood but Still Mixes Well With Others

Although many people look to the aged rums as being the best, and they arguably are, don't overlook the white rums, especially the unaged white rums from Martinique. But be warned, these are not rums with which to mix Coke.

I'm sorry the good people of Pennsylvania don't have a better selection of spirits but these hard to find rums are worth looking for when you travel outside the keystone state. But before you feel too sorry for yourself, remember that these rums have only been in the US a few months but they have been around in the Caribbean for centuries.

If you want to help your situation, ask your state store to order some of these rums and if a few people ask they will go the short step of actually ordering some.

Edward Hamilton

Ministry of Rum.com

The Complete Guide to Rum

When I dream up a better job, I'll take it.

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