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Lunch at Dupont Circle

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Ok Chowhounds:

I am sitting in my office, just south of dupont circle. Where should I go for lunch today? Has anyone tried Heriage India for lunch? I did Johnny's Half shell and had a terrible meal, especially for the price. CF Folks is great! How about some other suggestions (and what to order at lunch)

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What did you get at Johnny's Half Shell that was so bad and overpriced?

I find lunch at the popular Firefly to be a leisurely and enjoyable experience. It's not too hard on the wallet, either.

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To make up for the disappointing seafood experience @ Johnny's, go to Pesce just down the street. The menu changes frequently, so specific recommendations are tough to make. Last time I had lunch there I enjoyed whatever whole roasted fish they served that day (sea bass or dorade). More recently, soft shells have been good, the current tuna tartare preparation is excellent, several chilled soups have been particularly good during the hot weather we've had, and any of the roasted fish fillets (just pick one with a sauce preparation that piques your interest).

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Isn't it past lunchtime?

I've only been to Heritage once and I liked it quite a bit. My go-to Thai restaurant is Sala Thai, on P just past Johnny's. I like the Nam Sod and crispy hot duck.

My main fish joint is Pesce, which is more or less right next door to Sala Thai, and I've never had a bad dish there.

I second Firely.

Up on my side of the circle there is, of course, the legendary Bistro du Coin, where chefs play on their days off and the waiters may or may not acknowledge your existence. (Actually, I've never had a problem at lunch and never really had much a a problem at dinner, despite the place's reputation) Aim for the onglet or the Lotte (Monkfish) a l'Americane.

There's Sette. If you get the pizza, ask for it well done. If you're with a friend, get the meat and cheese plate. And, if you have a sweet toothe, their Tiramusou (sp?) is a much better than most you'll find. I think Sette is pretty consistent across the board.

And, if you're drinking lunch, why not hang with the power brokers at the bar at the Palm?

I'm on the pavement

Thinking about the government.

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Some places are better than others, but are good to fit in the rotation:

Southside Dupont

Indian-Heritage: yes, yes, yes

Thai-Sala Thai or my preferred Bua Thai (17&P)

Asian-Panang (sort of malaysian): mixed reviews but a decent value lunch, good for the lunch rotation

More Asian-Malaysia Kopitiam (sort of more authentic malay): try it for the heck of it

Yet more Asian-Singapore Bistro: wide selection of "asian" dishes, mediocre food. If you eat a lot of asian like I do, you have to rotate them :smile:

Seafood: Pesce all the way, the couple of times we ate at Johnny's on the Half shell, the food was way too salty

Cuban: Yuca (on 18th). Again, good change for the lunch rotation

Daily Special: CF Folks

Friday Lunch Special: Madhatter's chicken friend steak and mashed potatoes, eat at the bar for a 30 minute quick lunch

Good cheap eats: Fuddruckers, Moby Dick, Baja Fresh

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If your talking southside Dupont, don't forget the Greek Deli, 19th btwn L&M, and definitely stop by and check out Cous Cous Cafe on 20th btwn L&M. (I had the most refreshing and delicious homemade limeade at Cous Cous the other day--oooh I think I know where I'll be going for lunch tomorrow!)

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I think if the Brick maintained their actual stocked quantities of beer as well as the vaunted List, they would have a winning formula. Old stock complaint, I know... :raz:

Still, there are plenty of worse places for lunch, and it's not like there won't be something there you'll want to drink!

Matt Robinson

Prep for dinner service, prep for life! A Blog

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