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Where do you get takeout/delivery


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East Village


San Loco


The Malted Guy (Ray) on Ave A. and 7th St.

Less Often:




Moonstruck Diner

I would, but I just end up eating there instead:



Grand Sichuan



What's Missing:

Pizza. The East Village may be the city's worst neighborhood for slices.

Actually, Penn Station is terrible too.

Haven't found a neighborhood slice that I'm into. A couple borderline options on 1st. and A, but the places themselves are all unappealing to sit in, which is a hindrance. I was spoiled by Fascati in Brooklyn Heights. I used to like Five Roses, but it's 2 blocks too far.

Don't believe in delivery.

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This thread has been very instructive so far.

Another question:

Do you also eat out at the places you get takeout or/and delivery from? I do, especially Teresa's, where I had dinner tonight.

Michael aka "Pan"


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Congee Village probably once a week - we like it on Saturday or Sunday around 4 P.M. - not too crazy at that hour...as you know, it can be a real zoo.

Schiller's - probably too often! Much prefer eating there than delivery - great scene and scenery!!

Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

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As I'll be moving to Manhattan in about a month, I'm very curious about this topic-- anyone with any UES suggestions, please post them/pass them along!

Absolutely! I regularly call Saigon Grill for Vietnamese, Chef Ho's for Chinese, and Six Happiness for a delicious and figure-friendly steamed version of what I get at Chef Ho's.

For greasy diner food, I am a fan of Midnight Express and Viand. Better Burger is ok, but I'd rather have half an order of real fries than a whole order of "air-baked" ones.

Another good take-out secret is Eli's (or the Vinegar Factory - either one) for the sandwiches, prepared salads, soups and meals. Great if you have time to stop off on the way home. I usually grab a pickle from the pickle and olive bar, snag a tarragon chicken salad sandwich on the health bread, and enjoy on my couch.

"We had dry martinis; great wing-shaped glasses of perfumed fire, tangy as the early morning air." - Elaine Dundy, The Dud Avocado

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Tribeca - wish I had more options...but alas here are our usuals

Bubby's for decent Mac n' cheese, good veggie bean chili, & tasty fried okra

Sosa Borella for Numero Uno Pizza & pasta specials

Landmarc for a ton of wonderful food like cod, steak, pork chops (by far our best option but $$$)

Nam for Bun Cha and lemongrass chicken

we order about 2-3x per week

Jennie Auster aka "GIT"

Gastronome in Training

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