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Demo: Topsy-turvy cake


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One of the best demos I've seen, BRAVO, I genuflect at your feet :wub:

Here's my question...How do you guage servings for this style of cake.  I price by servings and get totally confused with this one??? :blink:

I do my best to underestimate servings on these, assuming whoever's cutting will make a mess of it even with a guide to cutting.

Essentially, for each tier, I figure the number of servings of the middle-sized cake, 6" high, then multiply by 85% for a fudge factor and to compensate for the chunk of cake that's taken out.

So for the 8-9-10 tier, I figure the servings for a 6" high 9" round cake (1.5 times the number of servings for a 4" high 9" round cake), and multiply by .85.

As a cutting suggestion, I tell folks to make a horizontal cut all the way across, starting at the low edge of the slanted top. Cut up the weird slanty piece into roughly serving-sized chunks. Then cut what remains as a normal tier.

B. Keith Ryder

BCakes by BKeith

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