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The Best Dish that Mom Cooked for You


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My Bubby used to make Momeleegah (sp?), which I still remember.

It was for Sunday breakfast.

A HUGE pan to feed the family of 8.

Corn meal mush, topped with at least a stick of butter and a huge container of cottage cheese.

Ah yes ... I think it usually gets transliterated as "mamaliga." Nostalgia made me search for the recipe, and lo here's one from Wayne Harley Brachman: mamaliga

Oh, and she used to make homemade Kishka.

*swooooooon* I adore kishka! As a matter of fact, I had some the other day at D.Z. Akins, one of San Diego's long-running forays into Jewish-style deli/home cooking--it was nice, but just not quite the same as home-made. Did your bubbe stuff the filling into actual beef casings?

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I wish I would have asked Bubby before I was around 20 when she died, about the recipes....

My mom, instead of Bubby, was a lousy cook, so if I ask her, who knows what answer I'll get!

I think she did stuff her own kishka, though! And the mameliga was incredible!

Also, stuffed cabbage, not really polish galumpka's (sp?), but a Russian Jewish dish, WHAT IS THE NAME OF IT???? OHHHH, Perakas (sp?)-----as are all the other dishes I mentioned, for those who asked. Kiev, Moscow, Jewish, around early 1900's. During the Pograms.

Also, cold and hot borscht to die for. Hot with brisket and cold with a big glob of sour cream.

Homemade horseradish!

Homemade gefilte fish!

Why then, does my mom make asparagus for 20 minutes in the pressure cooker until limp, and a brisket for 24 hours that isn't even nicely soft, but incredibly overcooked? What happened to her, with a mother like that???

Ok, mom makes chicken soup with matza balls okay. That's it.

Philly Francophiles

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Ah yes ... I think it usually gets transliterated as "mamaliga." Nostalgia made me search for the recipe, and lo here's one from Wayne Harley Brachman:

I was reading the mamaliga recipe, which sounds great, and then cracked up at the last sentence: "To serve, cut with dental floss." :laugh: Is this a "chef's secret"?

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I'm lucky enough to be visiting my mom right now, and

this thread started a discussion with her.

She's a marvelous cook, came to it late, only learnt after marriage.

But I couldn't narrow down one single dish, everything she makes

is magical. All South Indian veg, North Indian too, all kinds, from

plain home cooking to more fancy restaurant styles.

And her home cooking is definitely worth going home for.

Not being able to narrow it down, I asked her what she made best,

and she turned up her nose immediately and said "everything".


We talked about Paatti (her mother) and she too had been a great cook.

Mostly South Indian stuff though for her.


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Here you go, Danielle.  I started making this in the mid-60's.  With all this sour cream, don't eat it just before seeing your OB GYN!

(And somebody tell me if it's not Kosher...)

Rice, Green Chilies and Cheese Casserole

Thanks Ruth!!

And, I'm very lucky to have an OB who could care less how much I gain. Plus, with only 5 weeks left, how much damage could I do?? :biggrin:

As soon as it cools off enough here to use my oven (hopefully before I give birth), I am cooking this!

Danielle Altshuler Wiley

a.k.a. Foodmomiac

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To all the "young" mothers out there...

You see how influencial a good meal can be, even

after decades your child will remember a good dish.

..and of course to all the "young" fathers ;-)

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When I was a little kid, my favorite thing for supper was ziti or mostaccioli rigatti with my mother's meatballs and tomato sauce based on Ada Boni's Il Talismano della Cucina with sausages, but she cooked all sorts of delicious things. One I always found a special treat was leg of lamb from the Swedish Princess cookbook, made with coffee and cream (she used milk), puree of onions and carrots, and plenty of pepper.

Should I talk about the best things my father made, or save that for a different thread?

Michael aka "Pan"


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Damn, I can't believe I forgot about mom's meatballs. She makes killer meatballs with beef, pork, milk soaked bread, and spinach. I really don't know why she even bothers serving them with pasta. They're always wonderfully light and flavorful, altho' one of my exes used to refer to them as "garlic bombs"... he just didn't get it. He's long since been replaced by my wonderful new husband who likes to make garlic bread sandwiches with them as soon as we get home with the leftovers. :wub:

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My mom is a pretty great cook and what I remember is her portuguese cooking:

Sweet Bread at Easter

Anise biscuits

Tomato Rice (with plenty of linguica)

Clams and Pork

Grilled Sardines


Octopus Stew

Xander: How exactly do you make cereal?

Buffy: Ah. You put the box near the milk. I saw it on the Food Channel.


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