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Favorite Places near No. Bergen Co.


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Since I live pretty close to the border of NY I almost consider it part of Bergen county. I've found a few restaurants good that border on Montvale NJ and NY.

I've included names, addresses and telephone numbers because when I read some of the forums I go crazy trying to find these places you post about! LOL


So... A few of my personal favorites (one of each to tease you!) include:

The Porter House 125 N Kinderkamack Rd Montvale, NJ 07645 (201 307 6300)

Twins India Palace 38 Orangetown Shopping Ctr Orangeburg, NY 10962 (845 365 3222)

Rancho Toro Loco 94 Old Orangeburg Rd, Orangeburg, NY 10962 (845 359-1903)

Royal Siam Thai Cuisine 22 E Central Ave Pearl River, NY 10965 (845 735-5906)

Picnic is great for food to bring home at 180 Kinderkamack Road, Emerson, NJ 07630 (201 262-5505) - tell the owner Christine that Stacey from around the corner sent you! (She's the owner and fantastic chef! My god her tilapia and other stuff is pure heaven!)

Marra's on Kinderkamack Road is superb for picking up stuff for home it is either Emerson or Oradell NJ here - the same family owns Marra's Restaurant in Ridgewood NJ I've heard - never been to the restaurant though.

For delivery on days I work from home I like a place called: Itsy's Gourmet on Park Ave in Park Ridge NJ (201 930-1873) they make wraps and great sandwiches and salads and my favorite heart stopper - bacon, egg & cheese on a cinnamon raisin bagel! MMmmMm and it's not too far from my other favorite place "The Park Steakhouse" also on Kinderkamack road in Park Ridge (a little pricy at the park but real nice quality and flavor!)

I hope you enjoy some of my choices and I hope you have some you can suggest up here near River Vale NJ

THE Only Thing Is -- I'm not really into Italian food, even though (Romanza is around the corner they are good too!) but any other suggestions would be very welcome!!!!!


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One of my favorites that straddles the NY border is Relish, off the beaten track in the tiny hamlet of Sparkill. Wonderful, creative food, great ambience, and a very friendly proprietor makes for a lovely dining experience. Got an "excellent" from David Corcoran in the Times. Relish Website: http://www.relishsparkill.com/index.html

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I ecco the comment about the Porterhouse in Montvale. We travel about 25 miles to go there at least once a month. It's an irish bar/resturant that has everything from the "best" sheppards pie and irish stew, to one of the best calamari, to great steaks, pasta and fish and not to mention over 30 beers on tap. The crab cakes are small but excellent, burgers are good too. The calamari is consistenty tender no matter when we've ordered it and it comes with the traditional marinara but we like the chipolte sauce instead.

They have a traditional bar area, old style pup but extremely clean, a great new out door area for dinning as well as a new upscale dinning room in the back, which is a bit stiff for our taste as we go there for the irish ambiance, but always, always crowded. You can get the same food no matter what dinning experience you choose.

We've brought several friends there and no one has been dissappointed. In fact for a brew house, most people are very very surprised.

If you're up that way, it's a most to try.

Lima Bean

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I love Mongolian stir fry. While trying to see what places were within driving distance for me, I found some old threads on a place called Kahn's Mongolian Grill in Blauvelt, NY, on Route 303, close to the Palisades Mall, and, as I learned today, close to the Northvale, NJ border as well. The place was great. It looks like a cross between an old school Chinese restaurant and an old diner. They have a wide variety of meats, veggies, noodles and sauces to add to your stir fry, and then you pick an additional sauce for the chefs to add and they cook it on a huge round grill. They give you soup and some other small appetizers, including salad (actually just lettuce) with a peanut dressing, peel & eat shrimp and some delicious pork dumplings which are among the best I've had. They also give you a small scoop of ice cream for dessert. It's $15.95 for dinner, and you can go up to the grill as many times as you want. I'll be back!

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