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Liquor Tasting

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Finding you favorite brand of liquor can be a difficult choice and doing a liquor tasting can help you determine your top choices.

From the research that I have done so far liquor tasting is similar to wine tasting minus a couple of things.

When I do liquor tasting here is what I do:

I do a tasting of no more than three different brands of spirit at any one time. Pour about 1.5 oz in a snifter or red wine glass making sure to know which brand is in which glass. If possible get someone else to pour the liquor and keep track of which is which so you won't be biased by the brand name.

Next I look at the liquid in the glass to see if there is a noticeable difference in color. The color can indicate how much the spirit was aged or modified after distillation.

Then you pick up one of the glasses and examine the aroma of the spirit. Stick you nose into the glass but do not sniff from you nose. You could be overwhelmed by the smell. Instead, take a normal breath through you mouth. The aroma will enter your nose in the correct proportion.

Next, taste the liquor. Don't swallow it right away, but let it wash over your tongue to let it hit all of your taste buds.

Repeat for the remaining spirits.

Choose the liquor that you like the best don't let anyone else's opinion, price, or marketing get in the way of enjoying the brand you enjoy most.

I would love any feedback for this "how to..." If anyone has something to add or some additional things to look for during the tasting I would appreciate it.


See you at the Tales of the Cocktail


...the bar mix master has spoken.


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