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Newport RI Restaurants

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a little place called "Yesterday's The Place."  Yesterday's itself is a good bar and grill type place, but a seperate side room is called "The Place".  They have very eclectic menu choices and have a wonderful wine and beer selection - and I believe they offer flights of each.

One place my husband and I enjoy visiting is a winery in the area called Sakonnet.  It is about a 20-minute lovely drive from Newport http://www.sakonnetwine.com/  Newport will be quite busy so this may be a nice diversion.

Have a great trip - Newport is a great town!

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I need a few updates for 2 lunches 2 dinners in July

We know Newport a little bit, but from a long time ago. In other words, we know our way around town but really don't know where to eat. Well, except for the obvious (Flo's will be a stop for old time's sake but that can be in between meals).

We prefer somewhat casual. That means no jackets and nowhere that's too pretentious (I can get pretention elsewhere [e.g., NYC]). I've never been to any of the following frequently recommended restaurants but they all seem to fit the bill of too formal, fussy or pretentious: White Horse Tavern, Spiced Pear, Tucker's (less certain abt Tucker's).

Asterisk looks and sounds nice but no recent reviews. The good news is that it appears to be open for midweek lunches.

Salvation cafe looks interesting too (dinner only).

How's Cafe Zelda these days? Menu looks great (e.g., cheeses from Farmstead in Providence, locally source where possible, bistro classics) Cafe Zelda . We have a history at Zelda so I'd love to hit it if the food and reviews are still good.

Anything else interesting? We'll be with coastal Californians so I don't think we need to worry about Asian. Seafood would be good (since east coast seafood is different from theirs) but Scales and Shells sounds a bit too loud and rowdy. Any chance at good portuguese or italian flavors?

Most important factor is really interesting, tasty food.

Thanks in advance

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I am thinking of spending Thanksgiving in Newport RI. Some of the restaurants I may want to have dinner at are closed that day. Right now these look like some of my choices. Which would you recommend?

Spiced Pear

22 Bowen

White Horse Tavern

Castle Hill Inn (Buffet brunch)

Clarke Cooke House

Thanks for your feedback.


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Castle Hill Inn does a nice brunch and has a beautiful setting. Good choice.

Clarke Cooke House is a very nice restaurant. Some local standby foods, some innovations. Plentiful servings, well presented, very good desserts.

It's been a few months since I've eaten there so I can't be more specific, sorry!


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I was very impressed with the Spiced Pear...best service and atmospherre, and well executed ambitous menu. We had the caviar service, as we were celebrating, which was traditioanl and serviceable. It was in July, I am delayed in posting, but I recall being impressed with a hwder soup, my husband had escargots hich were galicky but not overpowered, and great texture. I can't recall my specific entree ( great detail, I know!??!!) but I remember being pleased...my husands steak ws a bit more than the very very rare he ordered, but that is par for the course. Wonderful view, the windows were opened and the curtains billowed, not busy, attentive service, comfortble bar..we preferred it to last years dinner at Castle Hill. We stay at Castle Hill, and I'm glad we drove down to CliffWalk.

We also went to the Italian place that is in a residential house..basic red sauce food, more kitcshy than charming, Mama something? The concierge rec'd it, nice Italian Wines list, ordered the basics (fra diavolo, rigatoni, antipasta) and had a very good in a red sauce kind of way meal. Homey. Sweet servce, she asked if we were honeymooning and we've been married a long time, so she scored points. We were actually celebrating our impending empty nest, as we were in Newport while our son was at Johnson and Wales orientation

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