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Eugene Oregon

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My wife and I moved to Springfield (East Eugene... or "Springtucky") and have been somewhat taken aback by the lack of really great food. We have a list of favorites,

Toshi's Ramen, La Perla Pizza, Noodles 'n Thai, Sweet Life Patisserie, BUT- we have yet to find any of the following that we would like to make usuals:

French Bistro


Dim Sum (most lamented)

REAL Jewish Deli

A good craft bakery for crusty breads

Hot Pot

GOOD Indian (Northern or Southern... I miss the Southern sweets)

Churrasqueira (who doesn't love meat on a spit?)

Mostly... and most sadly... the reviews on Yelp are not to be completely trusted... the "For Eugene" concept applies... and if you have seen things done right... you know better.

Looking forward to any replies.

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Have you tried the Falling Sky deli? They make great pastrami and they have a good number of deli staples you can buy to go. And good beer! Noisette in downtown Eugene makes a baguette that my wife says is as good as the ones she's had in Paris. Good sweets, too. Have you tried Marche for your bistro fix? I also moved from Eugene to Springfield, and I think the only places I buy dinner from on this side of the river are pizza places.

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Let's bump this thread, hmmm?


I was in Eugene last year for the Country Fair, and when I posted about where to eat in Eugene on Chowhound, everyone bitched about how bad the food was there, how big a culinary wasteland it is, etc., etc.  So I stumbled around, and randomly found a couple of places I thought were pretty damn good.


The first one was Papa's Soul Food Kitchen.  NB:  The bar across the street is a great place to wait for your table at Papa's.


I can't remember the name of the second, but it was a small breakfast place very near U of O with al fresco dining and a dilapidated wood floor, about 1/2 hippy coffeehouse, but hey, all Eugene is 1/2 hippy.  Anyone know tjhe name?  Had a great b'fast there.


I'm going back this summer to the ECF in a Wavy Gravy tie-dye, Jesus sandals and Lennon glasses.  Any other suggestions?



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