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eG and Vancouver Restaurants


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You are right that the ethnic food here is very good.  Especially Chinese and Japanese – you’ll notice that I have been posting most heavily with my Chinese posts lately.  I want to take some of the mystique and intimidation out of going to a good Chinese restaurant by posting pictures of the food when I go out.  I hope that some people find it interesting or at least useful (and not too presumptuous).

I, for one, would be delighted if you posted some pictures canucklehead. I am sadly ignorant about Chinese food and would appreciate the tutelage.

As for your question - I think there is a reasonably good balance here. There's usually dissenting views on any topic when praise or criticism are heaped particularly high.

I like the mix of voices here. We all come to the table with different backgrounds, experiences and expectations and, when we are at our best, it is like sitting around a table having a friendly debate. When we're at our worst it's like sitting around a table debating after a few too many drinks.

I particularly appreciate the input from those in the business. I'm just a consumer, I'm not an insider, I don't have any connections, but I come here and get insights from Neil, Gerald, Jamie and others that give me a better understanding of the challenges on the other side of the cash register.

The genuine voices of people like Neil and Gerald, especially a good rant, interest me more than some puff piece written to promote their restaurants. Nothing against that stuff, but that's not what I come here for. I come here for insight and learning. If I get some entertainment along the way so much the better.

I would like to see Vancouver grow into a real food city where great local ingredients were readily available in stores and commonly used in restaurants and homes. We have a glimmer of that here, but we're not there yet. We shouldn't pretend, but we should recognize and support what's good here - even if we don't always agree on what that is.



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