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Schiphol Airport Hotel

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There are several hotels right at the airport within walking distance or short shuttle services away from the terminals, among them Hilton, Sheraton etc.

I've never stayed in a hotel like that so I really could not say anything about the food.

(btw, Schiphol Airport is only a VERY short trainride away from Amsterdam (10 minutes to the southern part of town, a beautiful residential neighborhood with lots of good hotels, and only 17 minutes to the city center). )

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Chufi, are any of the ones you mentioned actually in the terminal? I know...we're so lazy!

We are flying into Amsterdam and spending a few days in our favourite city :wub: , then renting a car and touring France and Spain, the airport hotel will be for when we are flying back home and it's just going to be easier all around.

Thanks for the help Chufi....and by the way, we really enjoyed your blog on Amsterdam.

We'll be staying close to Vondel Park and are going to try and find the Blue Teahouse you posted the picture of in your blog. Looks lovely!

And thank you for posting your tour through Burgundy, we will be driving the same route so it's given us a few ideas.


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There are a number of restaurants at the terminal before and after passport control. This ranges from simple snacks to a la carte dining, sushi and a champagne bar with fresh oysters etc. There are also two locations where you can gamble and a small exhibition of the Rijksmuseum with some Rembrand paintings

So you don't have to leave the airport to enjoy good food.

schiphol airport

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you can also check bookings

for hotels at Schiphol.

and by the way, we really enjoyed your blog on Amsterdam.

We'll be staying close to Vondel Park and are going to try and find the Blue Teahouse you posted the picture of in your blog. Looks lovely!

And thank you for posting your tour through Burgundy, we will be driving the same route so it's given us a few ideas.

always glad to be an inspiration. :biggrin: If you need any more info on restaurants or food-places in Amsterdam, feel free to PM me, I'm always happy to promote my city!

when are you going? The weather is really bad here at the moment, very cold. Hope it gets better soon.

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I stayed at the Sheraton which is directly connected to the airport terminals and it was great in terms of convenience. I stayed there 1-2 nights bracketing both ends of a week long conference in the Hague--it was super convenient to take trains from right in the airport to The Hague or to Amsterdam.

As soon as you pick up your luggage you can go out to a central area still inside the airport--escalators going down lead to the trains and escalators going up connect right to the Sheraton. One fun thing to eat in the airport are the fries and dipping sauces from one of the local frites chains, although for any meals I just took the half hour train ride into Amsterdam. There is also a well stocked supermarket/convenience store that has plenty of snacks if you need something to tide you over in the hotel.

So far, this has been the greatest airport I have ever encounterd in terms of transportation connectivity and convenience. They even have free carts everywhere to lug your bags around! (Not common in the US but more so in Europe, I think).

"Under the dusty almond trees, ... stalls were set up which sold banana liquor, rolls, blood puddings, chopped fried meat, meat pies, sausage, yucca breads, crullers, buns, corn breads, puff pastes, longanizas, tripes, coconut nougats, rum toddies, along with all sorts of trifles, gewgaws, trinkets, and knickknacks, and cockfights and lottery tickets."

-- Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 1962 "Big Mama's Funeral"

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A big thank you for the helpful info chufi, jeroen and ludja.

I think champagne and oysters would be a good primer for the plane ride back home to Vancouver.:cool:

Yeh right, years ago I would have said that but now I just want to take an Ativan and sleep all the way home.

We are wavering back and forth right now between laziness and practicality, airport or city hotel.

We will arrive back in Amsterdam (flying in from London) on July 13, at 9:05pm to fly out the next day at 5:00pm to Canada.

Are thinking was that we will probably just want to go to sleep after arriving at 9:05, by the time we get to the hotel etc, it's bedtime and we want to be in fine form to spend the next full day in the city.

However, it's such a short ride into the city and we may feel like going out, so why not get a city hotel?

I think we've made so many airport/hotel and restaurant (not a happy ending) reservations that our minds have turned to mush.

Maybe you guys should decide for us?

I think I'm really leaning on Amsterdam versu Shciphol myself, however Hans (yah, he's Dutch) may nix that idea depending on his post soccer mood tonight.

It's not that he's moody, it's just that he can barely walk after a brutal hour on the field!

But lets give it a shot.

By the way, we are going to Europe for my SO's over 40's/50's (whatever) soccer league.

Four or five games in Gaillac, France and three weeks to play around that... in The Netherlands and Belgium to visit relatives, a drive through Champagne and Burgundy to get to Gaillac and then a drive to Roses in the Costa Brava region, drive back to Montpellier, ditch the car, fly to London and back to Amsterdam to go home.

Whoa, I feel exhausted already.

Chufi, it's much warmer in Amsterdam than in Vancouver at the moment!

It's warming up a little here, but we've had rainy cloudy weather for about 3 weeks and at times it's been pretty cold.

Thanks everyone.

hans en frans

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Nice coincidence! I am about to fly to Amsterdam from London as part of a business trip. Being an expat Dutchman I am taking the opportunity for a quick taste of Holland. I will be staying in the Schiphol Hilton tonight and tomorrow night. Tomorrow will be a blissful day of nothing meaning I can do some shopping and eating in Amsterdam.

Two questions: what would be a good local restaurant in Amsterdam where I can eat on Saturday evening? I can make a reservation tonight so it can't be a place that is booked weeks in advance. Also, I will be on my own. Price isn't much of a concern (bless the expense account :smile: ), good food and perhaps a spot to eat at the bar is.

Question 2: I will be meeting my parents for brunch on Sunday before flying out of Schiphol. There isn't much time so it will have to be in the airport. Any recommendations for a good brunch place? Any experience with the airport hotel restaurants?

Stefan Posthuma

Beer - Chocolate - Cheese

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