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The Crown Royal Purple Bag

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:biggrin: I actually have about 5 never-opened bottles in my basement - with bags. I was just trying to be helpful to others.

Then again, none of mine are personalized....

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I just got back from a Caribbean cruise where a group of us bought a horse in the Owner's horse racing derby. We named it Crown Royal, decorated it with purple ribbons and used an empty Crown Royal bag as it's feed bag. It won. :biggrin:

Dawn aka shrek

Let the eating begin!

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Empty bags galore on eBay, for a few cents each. Also, a C R fishing lure, with no bids @ $9.95. :laugh:

CR did Christmas ornaments this year, good for a snort to invoke the purple haze when tossing tinsel.

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Just saw this thread. My mother kept her hair curlers and pins in a CR bag. Brought back memories of watching her get ready for a party.

In addition to making the best Scrabble bags, they are also great for storing small silver dishes.

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Those bags. Contain Ryan's marble collection, various pieces of lego and they double as an emergency makeup kit for me. :biggrin:

That reminds me of my childhood :laugh:

I can NOT imagine you in makeup, dear Sir! :raz:

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I had no idea anyone else on earth kept them. I never drank the stuff and have no memory of where I got the bags.

I have 4 of them. Stuffed to the top with coins (doubloons)from Mardi Gras parades. Rex coins going back to when I was a kid (a looong time ago), and many from now defunct Crewes.

Back to the early sixties,many earlier.

Once, I was going to chunk them in the trash, but haven't yet. Don't know why.

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