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Restaurant decision ...


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for tomorrow night, I can't decide between "Le Chou" or "Bleu Raisin", or maybe "Jolifou" ?

Are they in the same category ?

Or something not "french oriented" ? we will be on st-laurent ( near l'avenue des pins ); Ginger gets a good report from "Voir", or maybe "il sole" ?



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Ginger IMO has very bad sushi.. For that type of stuff, check out Juni

Now, between your choices, if you feel for french, go to Chou..

I thought Jolifou was ok at best. If you want this nuvo latino cooking, go to Raza.. much much better

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I concur that Raza is a nicer choice for Nuevo Latino (tasting menu with the empanada is a great way to go). Jolifou was a uneven for me and it's a pretty even hit/miss with the people I know who've also eaten there.

il Sole was nice the last time I ate there.

As for Ginger, the last time I was put off by the constant offerings of "smart drinks" and the video of the crabs killing one another on the beach (Discovery Channel it was not). Sushi was quite forgettable. I'm not personally so sure about Jun-I since I never liked Soto in any of its iterations.

Why not Lémeac for French? Or is it a "been there, done that" with you not having been to Le Chou?

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I've just re-read your original post and realized that you're going to be around the St-Laurent/Pine area. If you want to stay there, il Sole or you could go to Pintxo and tell me what things have changed since the 7th day of operations.

Otherwise, not much that I would want to go to that doesn't involve earplugs and a lot of black.

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around pines & st-laurent

for french.. there is laloux on pines & laval

for indian.. there is atma and mysore a bit north on st-laurent

for tapas.. there is pullman on parc

for italian.. il sole is the best choice

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I will drop Ginger from my list.

as well as Lemeac, I go there often, I like the place, but I'd like to try something else ( that I haven't tried before )

so the the of the list looks like ( in no order )


Il Sole


Le Chou

also, since I/we are not decided yet; I don't have a reservation yet; a bad thing on a friday night, even with bad weather.


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We decided to go to Raza.

got there at bit before 8pm, only another table was filled, but as the night went, more and more people came in.

We had a nice meal.

my friend had the arugula salad and the fresh pasta; while I had the foie gras empanada and the pétoncle.

Nice meal indeed.

one thing, they should add something to the decoration, too clean...

(on a sad side note, the Pesce restaurant next door was closed when we left (10:30ish ), while Raza was still going strong ).

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